Monthly Archive: September 2020


MCC Privatizing Sri Lanka – Landless State, evicting role of Politicians & creating Tamil Eelam

  On 28 June 2019, the Yahapalana Government tabled the State Lands (Special Provisions) Bill. The Bill, if enacted would have privatized 84% of land that belonged to the People (State). Sri Lanka would...


To hide embarrassment to comrade Sooka/ITJPSL, LTTE diaspora campaigns against Sri Lanka’s Defense Attache in UK

  The International Truth & Justice Project (Sri Lanka) administered under EU funded Foundation for Human Rights in South Africa, has apologized to Brig. Ravindra Dias for wrongfully using his picture claiming it to...


Dual Citizenship & 20a: President Gotabaya, MilindaM & Geetha Kumarasinghe

The best piece of legislation introduced by the yahapalana government is the clause related to dual citizenship. It highlighted the NATIONAL SECURITY aspect of a person who was a citizen of two countries contesting...