Monthly Archive: August 2020


MCC Agreement: Hidden costs not factored by Sri Lanka’s Government & People

  The People of Sri Lanka are supposed to feel elated that the US Government is giving a ‘gift’ of $480m across a period of 5 years. This gift comes with plenty of strings....


Reply to Daily Telegraph UK: Sri Lanka’s Landslide victory

  This is in reply to the fearmongering article by Qadirjah Irshad titled “Sri Lanka PM claims landslide victory, strengthening Rajapakse family’s hand. The dynasty is accused of corruption & nepotism, and the result...


GOSL: We demand action against Vaddukoddai Resolution for separatism & ban on LTTE insignia

GoSL cannot pooh pooh the issue any longer. We have on the one hand a terrorist group continuing efforts to revive terrorism & we have another set of Tamil politicians who wish to separate...