Who are promoting LGBTQ among adults & children & influencing governments?

Are there more powerful people than politicians who can get what they want with the power of funding? Who are these people who openly & anonymously fund lobby groups, legislative changes, all modes of communications, academia, legal fraternity, civil society & rights groups? They fund what they do not own & what they own they use to promote what gets funded anonymously. This is how a small group of people became guineapigs of a bigger program that combined geopolitical advantage with sadism & profit & backed by money. This funding has got politicians to change laws, got schools to change currriculums, got universities to publish research in favor of what they want said, got medical journals to back their wishes, took on board medical praticitioners ever ready to make money sans morality, got lawyers to defend their cases & got their companies & affiliate companies to provide employment to those that “change” & got media to do the sensationalism to draw innocent youth to embrace their ideology. An article by Jennifer Bilek on institutionalizing transgender ideology raises key points that we must question ourselves. Who exactly is pioneering & promoting what initiatlly started as LGBTQ movement is now transcending to Transgenderism. Is this not a cause for parents to worry as the newest targets are children?

Who are funding the changing laws, changing language/forcing new speech on public & censoring those who do not comply with the ideology?

This whole LGBTQ issue is nothing natural but one that has been well-planned & well funded & well-thought out, motives which are using LGBTQ community as a front & promoting it as a fad where people are induced to adopt for employment, renumerations, prestige, promotions & as peer pressure. This community is just as victims as those who are trying to show the general public the dangers of these insidious plans.

Changes are happening without public debate or say.

Bilek began noticing a steady pattern in the manner women’s only spaces were allowing, men who simply said they identified themselves as women, to enter. No one bothered about the safety of these girls. New pronouns began entering the English language while new speech laws freely attacked those who questioned these changes.

Paid media & trolls were prepared to attack those who questioned the new ideology. It became fashionable to scream “victim” & enjoy privileged status as that fitted well with the plan. Overtime, the victim card has been abused & manipulated.




Tides Foundation accepts anonymous funding specifying where funds are to go & the funds get to their destination anonymously.

Tides has a legal firewall & tax shelter & even funds political campaigns dubiously.

Pharmaceutical companies, & US Govt send millions to LGBT causes using the Foundation

$424m is spent globally on LGBT & increasing annually & transgenderism is in the US market.

Therefore, do we remain silent as laws are being changed because of the power of funding? Do we watch as our civil liberties are being destroyed?

Do we allow a bunch of people to change the normal & create sub-humans out of humans & silence critics claiming they are siding with the LGBTQ community, when in reality this community is only a front for their bigger & ugly profit-generating mechanisms?

In case you may not be aware – the LGBTQ invariably linked to the Medical Industry is becoming more profitable than the Military Industrial complex.

The globalists have taken this group of people known as the gay community & turned them into a mass movement that globalists are controlling. They control the agenda, the lobby groups & the funding, they control the medical treatment to be given, they control the conferences & what gets said, where & how it is to be spread. The gays have little say in any of the matters that concern them. This is the sad reality.

If these funding bodies decide the LGBTQ Community must have same-sex marriages or any other bizarre programs they coin, the LGBTQ community have little say.

To understand this, the gay community themselves need to look at who are backing them & ask themselves – WHY? Why are governments backing gays in other countries? Why are big time technology companies & pharmaceutical & medical industry giving them a thumbs up? There are several objectives – cultural genocide/breaking down traditional concepts, controlling a group of people who are made weak via medicines & indoctrination, controlling this segment across the world for geopolitical advantage are just a handful of reasons. More importantly, who are the faces behind those that are put forward to promote LGBTQ issues  – the anonymous faces are the most dangerous as they also fund other insidious global programs as well.

Those who are funding gays are also investing in areas where gays will have to reach out to & will be charged – so invariably, what was spent on funding will be returned tenfold plus fulfil other agendas. Those that contributes towards LGBTQ efforts are from government, medical, legal, educational, media entities – so they create the narrative they can control & spread.


Funds are able to create new university curriculum & this is what is likely to happen for school curriculum as well. This is where the ideology is ingrained & spread. To spread across community, writers & medical journals & even research, websites & other modes of media are funded. It is not that the subjects have any vogue or popularity but the funding & ownership are able to generate the hype presenting a false notion to people locally & globally. People must understand this.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykwT2_HPNLY – The Powerful Men Behind Puberty Blockers | Guest: Jennifer Bilek

https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/the-money-behind-the-transgender-movement/ – The money behind the transgender movement

https://lgbtfunders.org/newsposts/the-top-ten-corporate-funders-of-lgbtq-issues/ – Top 10 Corporate LGBTQ funders

https://www.fundsforngos.org/foundation-funds-for-ngos/20-foundations-trusts-fund-lgbt-programs/ 20 foundations-Trusts that fund LGBT


Is there transparency in their wealth – or is part of their wealth parked under “philanthropy” to be used to funnel funds across the world for programs that cannot be done directly by governments?


By now you should be able to understand how social engineering is taking place with the power of funding, where funding to roll out programs is connected to reclaiming the funds donated via medical treatments that are charged. The funding bodies are the owners of the medical clinics & media that spreads the news & the universities that launch the curriculums & research are funded to do so. A nice web of deceit.

Thus the scope of funding is diverse – early childhood education, university education, law, medical institutions, pharmaceutical industry, medical practitioners, journals & research, media, LGBT lobbies, pressure groups, civil society representing LGBT & human rights advocates of LGBT, politicians who are influenced to change the laws & lobbies inside military (to weaken the defense apparatus)

Transitioning individuals (adult or child) are medical patients for life. Transgenderism is FRAMED as a medical problem (gender dysphoria of children who need puberty blockers) & being groomed to take medication for life.

The newest momentum is to claim for insurance-paid hormones & surgeries – thus a new call from “gender dysphoria” to “gender incongruence”.

LGBTQ issue is just a front. Gays are victims including those who have become gay because it is a fashion or to climb up the social ladder. They don’t know what they have walked into. The silent public who think these issues don’t matter, maybe shocked to find their child selected to be a transgender & they will be powerless to stop, unless an informed General Public realize the dangers & disallow ] such nonsense to enter Sri Lanka. Already World Bank is funding “gender equality” programs across schools. Look at the outcome of the drag shows in school which are heavily funded warping the thinking of children. This is nothing but creating the path for transgenderism where a girl will begin to question if she is a girl, a boy will question if he is a boy as a result of curriculum that confuses them & legal actions taken against parents who want to put an end to such nonsense.


Shenali D Waduge




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