Canada marks bogus ‘Mullaivaikal Genocide’ of LTTE terrorists IGNORNING Canada’s Genocide of Native Indians!


Canada’s National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls in June 2019 confirmed that Canada has committed and CONTINUES to commit colonial genocide. The 2015 Truth & Reconciliation Commission report evaded the use of ‘genocide’ on advice of lawyers. The 2019 Report claimed genocide is ONGOING in Canada, leaves little room for Canada to be patronizing or preaching to other countries.


In January 26, 2016, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled that the Government of Canada (Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada) racially discriminated against 163,000 First Nations children. Sri Lanka can statistically present the positions Tamils hold in public and private sector as well as in Parliament to nullify any claims of discrimination.


Canadians have been, collectively, given a history of themselves that is not accurate. Canada is a created country by European settlers grabbing the land & resources of the Natives living in the territory now called Canada. The modern Canadian ‘identity’ has come in systematically vanquishing the indigenous cultural identity that existed.  Canada with a history of just over 150 years, even regarded women as ‘PERSONS’ only in 1929 & all women in Canada were given to vote only in 1960!  


This is probably why Canadians are quick to fall for the lies of the LTTE fronts operating from Canada where many found refuge on bogus claims. With LTTE fronts unable to clearly name the civilian dead, Canadian leaders making statements on ‘Mullaivaikkal genocide’ are realistically mourning the LTTE terrorist dead and not civilian dead.


The UNSG himself along with the international community appealed to LTTE to release civilians held as hostages to be used as human shields and many of these civilians were shot dead while trying to escape LTTE. Has Canada thought of counting how many such fleeing civilians LTTE killed without crediting that number to the Sri Lankan Armed Forces?


The Lessons Learnt & Reconciliation Commission declared 22,247 LTTE dead of which 11,812 were identified with names. Were the remaining 10,435 identified by their family members and named? This 10,435 cannot be quoted by LTTE Diaspora as CIVILIAN dead and their names cannot be used by NGOs or quoted by the UN/UNHRC.


11 years after the comprehensive defeat of LTTE in 2009, all those claiming that ‘genocide’ was committed cannot even name 200 dead or find their skeletons!

How can any country be accused of genocide without the dead, without relations naming the dead or without any evidence of anyone being murdered? So many videos and phone edits have been circulated since May 2009 via documentaries none have clicked any Tamils being killed on a mass scale or having their dead bodies buried and dumped into mass graves! If the Sri Lankan Army had presumably killed 40,000 to 200,000 Tamils during the last days of May 2009 surely someone should have taken some footage of this. It’s not easy to be killing civilians (identifying them from LTTE in civilian clothing), while fighting the LTTE and digging mass graves to put so many dead bodies in a small stretch of land. Why don’t’ people just imagine this scenario in their mind to realize the absurdity of these claims!


We would like to know if Canada’s leaders want to commemorate LTTE Terrorist dead and why?





Shenali D Waduge

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