How & Who are bringing illegal drugs/narcotics to Sri Lanka?

Millions the world over are addicted to drugs. Their whole lives are ruined. Their families are in disarray. All this suffering is because selling drugs has become a lucrative avenue for a bunch of people who want to become filthy rich – taking the shortest route. They don’t care how they make money or whose lives they destroy. They are only bothered about the millions they make from the drug business. Their children are educated from the money that have destroyed the education of millions. They buy fancy cars and houses from the money gained from turning people into addicts. They go on holidays and stay in luxury hotels, with the money gained from destroying families. Do these thoughts not traumatize their minds? Are their families not aware of the illicit money that make their wealth?


Drug addiction is a menace to families and society. Addicted individuals are of no use to themselves, their families or society. They become a burden to society as the families and State have to spend on their rehabilitation and re-introduction into society. It takes years of time and money. Their entire productivity and years are lost. All this is unnecessary if the wicked few who bring drugs into a country, distribute them and draw them into becoming addicts are dealt with and rehabilitated instead. Their sick minds need medication. Their sick mentality to make money at the cost of destroying lives is what should be treated first.


These same individuals are also pumping money to create computer games, gambling systems, pornography and other ill-methods to draw people to become addicts so they can get richer quicker. All these are impacting on people’s nervous systems – opium, marijuana, cocaine, nicotine, heroin, even alcohol and nicotine are addictive modes. They affect and effect the psychological and physical behaviors of people. Without going after the main culprits the law enforcements always run after the paid entities who are simply paid to distribute and induce people to take drugs. Look at the number of bars that operate and the numbers addicted to alcohol.


The real culprits are the ones who bring the illegal drugs into the country and then create the nexus for its distribution.


  • Who brings drugs into the country (politicians/big businessmen who else)
  • Who facilitates these drugs to be brought into the country (legal channels/illegal channels) – most often state agencies and officials are involved – who are they?
  • Who are the distributing agents that are tasked to induce drugs to school children, young adults, etc – how do they operate?
  • Who are the users and how did they become addicted and how can they be rehabilitated to return to society?


To have over 270million people addicted to make a handful rich is a crime. The productivity of these millions are wasted. Their homes are in ruins. The hopes and aspirations they had for these children by their parents have gone down the drain. They end up having to spend whatever earnings they have trying to meet the medical costs for rehabilitation. In the meanwhile, the wicked souls that bring the drugs, put them out into the market, distribute them through crafty means to children and youth – take their families to plush hotels, buy them the most modern and up to date gadgets, travel in luxury cars and spend the blood money on themselves and with that create more nefarious ventures to create more innocent victims to enlarge their wealth. This money is even used to campaign to bring themselves to power or to bring others who will help them continue their illegal wealth making system.


Admiral Sarath Weerasekera has been appointed the Law & Order Minister. No sooner he was appointed the excise department on a tip off seized 100kg of heroin and 100kg of ICE with a street value of over Rs.300m. Who are these masterminds operating from Dubai – who are their agents in Sri Lanka. No sooner their identities are established; they must be barred from entering Sri Lanka. All those connected with them must be investigated. We cannot expect to make any meaningful campaign against drugs if the main culprits are untouched and political pressure prevents action from being taken against them.


How ridiculous it is if the very agents of drugs sit on panels to end drug addiction, or those who are involved in bringing drugs into the country or enjoy funding from those who bring drugs into the country are put on committees to end drug addiction in Sri Lanka.


Therefore, if we are to be sincere and genuine about ending drugs – we must have the courage to first deal with the main culprits that bring drugs into the country first, then those who facilitate these drugs being brought into the country, thereafter those that are tasked to distribute the drugs while simultaneously running programs to show the end result of taking drugs, to educate the youth and adults to realize the dangers of experimenting with drugs and becoming addicted to them. At the same time, realizing how these drugs are introduced to youth – there must be social programs to address the psychological issues children and youth are suffering from to help them recover so that they are not drawn to drugs as a short term but dangerous solution.


In terms of rehabilitation – it should be the evil men and women who want to make money from ruining the lives of others who should be put into rehabilitation first!




Shenali D Waduge



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