Indian PM Modi demolishes Pro-LTTE Tamil Eelam Homeland/Self-Determination bid


Separatist Tamil politicians, the LTTE and the LTTE Diaspora have been painstakingly building up an argument that conforms to the UN definition criteria for self-determination to claim a separate state. That bid has now come to a standstill with India claiming Tamils to be their brothers & sisters. Sri Lanka was never under Indian rule in any time of its history. Following colonial rule, both India & Sri Lanka obtained ‘independence’ from invader rule. That colonials dumped unaccountable number of South Indians into Sri Lanka is nothing no one can deny. These forcibly brought South Indians were repatriated in several phases and the remaining to be repatriated under the Indo-Lanka Accord have yet to be complete. The choice was given to Tamils – those wishing to remain in Sri Lanka, can remain as Sri Lankan citizens. Those wishing to return to India can do so as Indian citizens. When India’s PM says our sisters and brothers referring to Sri Lankan Tamils, he is claiming these Tamils to be Indian. In so doing, his statement has now demolished the bid for self-determination by pro-LTTE TNA & Diaspora and reverts the self-determination quest back to Tamil Nadu where a Tamil State is already created and waiting to be declared ‘independent’. In attempting to balkanize Sri Lanka, the insidious plans of India are boomeranging on India to balkanize India first! When that happens India will no longer hold super power status.


The last time we checked both India & Sri Lanka were sovereign nations.

That sovereignty, entailed mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Citizens of India were citizens of India

Citizens of Sri Lanka were citizens of Sri Lanka.

However, when a leader of another country states that his government will ensure that Tamil ‘brothers & sisters’ live with equality, justice, peace and dignity, we have to wonder what he is talking about.

Its well & fine to be talking about the Tamil ‘brothers & sisters’ in Tamil Nadu but Tamil ‘brothers & sisters’ in Sri Lanka warrants some clarification.

If the aspiration of the Tamil ‘brothers & sisters’ in Tamil Nadu & Sri Lanka are the same then definitely that aspiration for a separate Tamil Homeland must be nowhere else but in Tamil Nadu. Our island has no room for 76million people but out of the 2.2million Tamils, those aspiring for a Tamil Homeland are more than welcome to go to India.


The Indian PM may well like to look at the development in Tamil Nadu before Jaffna. What Jaffna looks like now and what Jaffna looked like before May 2009, is something that no one would even today imagine. That appreciation must go to the Mahinda Rajapakse government.


It is unfortunate that India’s bilateral relations with Sri Lanka is concentrated only on Tamils and India takes pains to highlight what India grants/donates to Tamils only. In a country of 28 states, it is a pity India is taking one state’s aspiration linking that to a sovereign state and 2.2m Tamils ignoring over 19m Sri Lankans.


But, the Indian PM’s statement is taken positively, as it has completely demolished the myth of a Tamil Homeland in Sri Lanka.

As Sri Lanka is a sovereign country there is no Greater Eelam.


We have always held the position that there cannot be 2 homelands for the same ethnic group in 2 different countries.

This means Tamils in Tamil Nadu and Tamils in Sri Lanka cannot demand 2 separate Tamil Homelands on the same premise.

It questions where Tamils evolved as that is the place for the Tamil Homeland.


Obviously by Indian PM’s statement, Tamils did not evolve in Sri Lanka.

It is their immigrant status that Indian PM wishes to protect. However, we can confidently say that the Tamils in Sri Lanka are living in far better conditions than the Tamils in Tamil Nadu.

But the Tamils who want to live as Sri Lankans are more than welcome to remain in Sri Lanka as Sri Lankan citizens.


In 2019, over 3000 Tamil Nadu Dalits converted Islam

India’s Dalits allege discrimination in water supply in Tamil Nadu

Caste violence in Tamil Nadu even with Covid –


Wouldn’t it be better for the Indian PM to look after the Indian Tamil brothers & sisters first?


However, we are very thankful to the Indian PM for making this statement.


The LTTE/TNA and Diaspora lobby had been biting fingers on how to prove the 40,000 dead in UNHRC and scuttled that bogus allegation by plugging numerous other non-conflict related allegations that were aligned to and complimented the objectives of the LTTE Diaspora who wanted the issue to be used as a bridge to flood economic migrants as asylum seekers to the West, while for the West it was a means of exerting gun-boat diplomacy and forcing themselves on Sri Lanka politically-economically-socially.


What India fails to realize is that using the gun-boat diplomacy upon Sri Lanka, the West’s quest to balkanize India is very much in action and India may well like to look at the impact the conversion foot soldiers are making coupled with the conversions to Islam as well.


There is little point warning India, because India’s bureaucracy is more occupied in destabilizing Sri Lanka, scuttling Sri Lanka’s developing and obsessed with trampling Sri Lanka’s growth, that India doesn’t realize that its foundations are being slowly but surely dislodged.


Returning to the matter at hand, with UNHRC circus recommencing, it is definitely a gift horse by India to showcase that the LTTE lobbyists now have no grounds for any homeland in Sri Lanka as India embraces Sri Lanka’s Tamils as theirs! This is better than India voting against Sri Lanka at UNHRC this year!




Shenali D Waduge

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