Open Letter seeking clarification: Yasmin Sooka & EU Funding for ITJP-Sri Lanka via Foundation for Human Rights South Africa

16 July 2021


Ms. Fiona Knab-Lunny

European Commission


+32 (0) 2 29 60220




Dear Ms. Fiona Knab-Lunny


Open Letter seeking clarification: Yasmin Sooka & EU Funding for ITJP-Sri Lanka via Foundation for Human Rights South Africa


This email letter is to seek clarification and appropriate action by you with regard to Yasmin Sooka former Executive Director of Foundation for Human Rights who via this EU-Funded entity created for the people of South Africa, was administering an entity called International Truth & Justice Project-Sri Lanka and issuing more reports against Sri Lanka than the work she was paid to do by EU for FHR-South Africa.


The primary question is did EU sanction Yasmin Sooka to create ITJP-Sri Lanka under FHR-South Africa? If so, can you explain why an EU funded project for South Africa should plug a project that is anti-Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka & South Africa are located in two different continents.


Yasmin Sooka was an EU employee in 2001 & became the Executive Director of the Foundation for Human Rights South Africa (formed by EU-South African Govt in 1996)

The Foundation is funded by EU & Belgium & receives funding from Ireland CARE, UN bodies & even American Foundation. The foundation’s scope of work is SOUTH AFRICA not Sri Lanka.


Her position as Executive Director of FHR-South Africa ended in September 2019 but her position as Director ITJP-SL continues – is she still being paid by EU via FHR & why?


How can a EU funded South African human rights project administer another project (International Truth & Justice Project-Sri Lanka since 2014) that has nothing to do with South Africa or South Africans?


If EU is funding human rights initiatives in South Africa via the Foundation for Human Rights who allowed ITJP to be administered through the Foundation for Human Rights?


If the EU paid for Sooka to function as Executive Director of FHR did the EU also pay for her to function as Director ITJPSL within the FHR?

Is this funding approved by EU tax payers? (2 salaries?)

Was EU funding for FHR-South Africa, used for ITJP-Sri Lanka with or without EU knowledge by Yasmin Sooka?


Is the EU aware that Yasmin Sooka is/was Executive Director of FHR while also being head of ITJP-SL?


If EU is not funding ITJP(SL) which is administered within FHR why is EU allowing ITJP-SL to be administered through FHR-South Africa?

Though Sooka relinquished duties as Executive Director of FHR in September 2019, the ITJPSL reports on Sri Lanka has only increased. Is FHR really involved in South Africa or churning reports against Sri Lanka via ITJPSL?


From 2014-2021 (7 years), the ITJPSL and Sooka has issued a record breaking 164 reports on Sri Lanka in English, Tamil & Sinhalese. How many reports has she issued on South Africa? South Africans should start counting!


What is the connection with EU funded FHR & ITJP(SL) Sri Lanka? a search for the name ITJPSL on Foundation for Human Rightswebsite – all that appears is “sorry, but nothing matched your search items”)