Canada’s Genocide & Holocaust against the Natives of Canada no different to Nazi Concentration Camps

Canada should be ashamed for several reasons. Firstly, Canada takes pride in throwing egg at other nations quoting human rights, democracy & freedoms but back home, Canada has been treating the natives of Canada inhumanely where assimilation schools have ended up graveyards of slain & buried children. Canada spearheads the attack against Sri Lanka siding with terrorist LTTE & their supporters in Canada. It is no surprise both are not only partners in crime but attempt to hide their guilt by diverting attention elsewhere.


Canada is a created country based on the principle of terra nullius. It calls itself multicultural because the success of Canada is due to immigrants who arrived to live & work there. Canada has to call itself ‘multicultural’ because Canada must acknowledge the role of immigrants in building Canada. While modern Canada owes its success to immigrants, Canada was very much occupied by aboriginal people. Canada’s rich status comes from the resources of stolen lands. The policy or goal behind the papal bulls & royal decree to ‘discover’ & take over occupied lands is the same theory Hitler adopted – eliminate those that are not of your ‘blood’ and take over their lands!


1492 : Canada stolen from Natives

The natives of Canada have been living for over 12,000 years in Canada (scientific discovery of bones/artefacts) There is a link to Asia as at one time Asia & North America were connected (Bering Sea/Russia & Alaska)


1492 saw invasion by Europe resulting in a human holocaust. Scientists estimate 4-4.5m deaths with only 600,000 indigenous remaining in US by 1800. It is estimated that the total natives covering American Indians, natives of Alaska, natives of Hawaii total 7.5million. Paul Rivet claims 40-50m people lived in the Americas before 1492 while estimates vary. Whatever the numbers what is certain is that the natives were eliminated in order to take over their lands. This was immediate-colonial holocaust. Then a further holocaust took place to ensure the settlers were supreme. The last and most unforgiveable holocaust was the manner natives were systematically targeted by those that claimed to be ‘civilized’ and came to ‘civilize’ the natives.


What is the Indian Act / Gradual Civilization Act (1857) / Gradual Enfranchisement Act (1869)

A body of laws that define who an ‘Indian’ is by the federal government of US & Canada. In Canada, the Indian Act authorizes the Canadian federal government to regulate & administer day to day lives of registered Indians & reserve communities even how they practice their culture & traditions. The Indian Act allows Canada to determine land base while the Gradual Enfranchisement Act allowed the Superintendent General of Indian Affairs to even decide if a widow of an enfranchised Indian was “respectable” enough to keep her children. In 1979 the Canadian government was taken to court claiming Section 12 of the Indian Act violated the Canadian Bill of Rights but the Canadian Supreme Court declared otherwise. However, in 1981 the UN Human Rights Committee declared Canada had breached the Covenant on Civil & Political Rights.


The Canadian Human Rights Act of 1977 specifically prohibited First Nation people from filing official complaint that the Indian Act was a human rights violation. How great Canada human rights are! It was only in 2008 that this section was repealed from the Canadian Human Rights Act.


The Indian Act (with amendments) continues to exist and is the only colonial legislation aimed at assimilating & controlling a specific group of people. So what tosh is Canada preaching to the world about ‘multiculturalism’ & reconciliation?

Canada appointed a Truth & Reconciliation Commission in 2015. Did this Commission deliver justice to the victims?


Canada’s natives are called Indians (1865), In 1982 ‘aboriginal’included Indian, Inuit & Metis people in Canada. Aboriginal people accounted for 3.8% of the population enumerated in the 2006. Aboriginal people numbered 1.4 million in 2011.


Eight in ten Aboriginal people live in Ontario and the western provinces. Ontario was the province where the largest number of Aboriginal people lived, 301,425 people, representing 21.5% of the total Aboriginal population. How many are treated equally & on par with Canadians?

The discriminations the First Nation people are subject to


From 1828 Canada operated over 169 Residential Schools for indigenous children. Children were removed from their families and culture and forced to learn English, embrace Christianity and adopt the customs of the country’s white majority (assimilation programs) Systematic physical, sexual and psychological abuse was widespread within the residential school system

60% of Indigenous workers feel emotionally unsafe on the job


Nazi deaths camps & Canada’s Residential Schools – Both historical events classified as a genocide.

The Nazis designed their concentration and extermination camps to destroy what they believed were racially inferior people – Africans, Jewish people, Gypsies and other minorities


The purpose of Canada’s Residential Schools was to obliterate the language, religion and culture of the Indigenous people of Canada – to take the Indian out of the Indian. The indigenous children were forcibly separated from families. They were sexually abused in unimaginable ways by nuns and priests who handled them. These nuns & priests ate bacon & eggs while the children had to kill birds to satisfy their hunger.


Confederate Canada were not bothered to give rights to the Natives in 1865 though they held self-governing resource-rich lands. Colonial Confederate Canada viewed ‘race’ only in terms of English, French, Spanish, Irish – white skin saviours – all others were ‘subhuman savages’! The Indian Act was passed in 1876 to mould the Indian into a European. It is laughable that the same nations that drew such “civilizational acts” at the same time preach ‘multiculturalism’. The 1876 Act defined who was not considered an ‘Indian’ and declared that the Indians could only gain ‘admission’ to the system was only if they voluntarily gave up being Indian.

This is the man who sought judicial approval to remove “Indian” children from their families for ‘education’


Peter Henderson Bryce, President of the American Public Health Association was recruited by Canada in 1904 to survey the residential schools. His report revealed that children in these schools were dying at the rate of 24% per year & rose to 42% over 3 years. In 1 school 76% of the children had died. Bryce had to pay a price with his career for these revelations. He personally printed his report & handed to members of Parliament & others – they didn’t listen and Bryce drowned to death in 1932. Other whistleblowers were either persecuted or dismissed. Funds were purposely denied for the welfare of indigenous children by the federal government.


How dare the State of Canada offer ‘reconciliation’ when they are the perpetrators. It is the victims (the Indigenous owners of the land called Canada) that must agree to forgive only after satisfactory remedial actions have been taken by the Canadian government. Reconciliation cannot be just fancy terms & negotiating how to remain ‘inferior’ rather than admit to stealing resources of the indigenous lands to create Canada’s economy. Yet, Canada does not wish to place the indigenous of par & as equals. Why? If Canada has welcomed other races as immigrants & are treating them as equals,  why not the indigenous of Canada?


In 1969 Pierre Trudeau came up with 3 proposals – Abolish the Indian Act / Transfer responsibility for Indians to the provinces / Close Federal Dept of Indian Affairs. The proposals were drafted without inputs of a single indigenous persons and the government withdrew it as a result of objections. In 1990 the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples was launched resulting in 440 recommendations.


It’sbeen 13 years since PM Stephen Harper apologizhed in 2008 for the harms done by Canada to indigenous children in the residential schools. It was in 2016 that the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal declared that Canada had racially discriminated 163,000 First Nation children.


So long as the mentality of terra nullius remains engraved in the mindsets of those dictating how Canada is governed the indigenous will remain ‘aliens’ on their own soil.


While Canadian motto is “Peace, Order, and Good Government” & while countless ‘Reconciliation’ programs like Idle No More movement (2012-present), the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (2008-2015), and the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (2016- present), there is no change to the manner Canada treats the people who were first living in Canada before the white settlers & immigrants arrived.




Shenali D Waduge




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