Some questions for Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau from Sri Lanka


LTTE elimination

  • Did you know LTTE was defeated in May 2009 after LTTE refused 3 opportunities given to lay down arms & surrender & chose to face its fate.

Consultative Committees

  • Did you know that bi-weekly meetings with UN, diplomats & NGO heads were held where they could question heads of the military, police, essential services – if they had concerns about humanitarian assistance. None of them did so.
  • Is it not odd that those that kept mum when they could directly pose questions & get answers during the ongoing conflict began making bizarre allegations months later?
  • This explains why UNHRC passed a resolution immediately after the conflict ended praising Sri Lanka, but thereafter began reprimanding Sri Lanka for ending a terrorist movement.

Sri Lanka’s Conflict

  • Did you know the conflict is defined a Non-International Armed Conflict.
  • It was not an ethnic or civil conflict
  • Sri Lanka has every right to defend itself against terrorism & terrorists
  • Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces were defending the nation & its people.

Can you explain

  • Why the diplomatic corps place emphasis on LTTE dead & not civilians killed by LTTE?
  • Why statements of diplomats, UN & local stooges are more sympathetic to LTTE than victims of LTTE
  • Why ‘solutions’ are being presented without articulating the problem
  • Why ‘solution’ should be advantageous to only one ethnic community disregarding the other communities

Can you prove your allegations

  • Who are the ‘thousands reported missing”
  • Who can ascertain the “numbers”
  • Who are “reporting” them
  • Who are these “missing”
  • Who are your “sources” for these details?

Do you know

  • How many filed police complaints regarding missing?
  • How many have filed complaints with SL Human Rights Commission
  • If these complaints in both police/SLHRC tally?
  • If families of “missing” filed complaint with the UNHRC – OISL investigators – do these names tally with police complaints/SLHRC complaints?
  • If families filed ‘missing’ with the Paranagama Commission or the Office of Missing Persons & do these details tally with the others? Did you know of the 20,000 Missing in the Paranagama Commission, 5000 missing are Sri Lanka Armed Forces personnel with names & IDs. No one speaks about people with names but everyone wants to mourn “missing’” without names.

Did you Question EU-funded Yasmin Sooka

Do you know how many Tamils LTTE killed?

  • These killings started in 1970s – the most important assassination was that of the Jaffna Mayor Alfred Duraiappah killed by Prabakaran himself.
  • Do you know how many Tamil policemen LTTE killed?
  • Do you know how many Tamil politicians LTTE killed?
  • Do you know how many Tamil Public Servants, Tami Civil Society leaders & other prominent Tamil personalities LTTE killed?
  • Do you even know how many Tamil children LTTE kidnapped and turned into child soldiers, training them to kill, denying them their fundamental human right to be with their parents, to gain education and live in a safe environment?
  • Do you know how many Tamil child soldiers were trained to commit suicide & killed themselves for Prabakaran’s cause?

Do you know how many Tamils LTTE took when the military offensive commenced in July 2006?

  • How many Tamils were used as hostages by LTTE?
  • How many Tamils were used as human shields by LTTE?
  • How many Tamils were denied food, water & medicine because they were not LTTE & died or were suffering malnutrition?
  • How many Tamils were forced to hold a gun & shoot by LTTE
  • How many Tamils were shot dead when they tried to flee from LTTE?
  • How many injured LTTE were killed by LTTE because they could not take them

Can these crimes by LTTE be credited to the Sri Lanka Armed Forces?

Can you differentiate Tamil civilians from LTTE & LTTE civilian armed group

  • Did you know that the 12,000 LTTE & 594 child soldiers that surrendered were in civilian clothing – does this make them “civilians”
  • Did you know that the 594 child soldiers were given Presidential Pardon & returned to studies where they are now back with their families & fulfilling the dreams they were denied by LTTE.
  • Have you compared what LTTE gave Tamil children & the life the GoSL gave back to the Tamil children LTTE had turned into child soldiers?

WHO DIED – WHO WAS KILLED must correspond with the bodies that were eventually collected & buried during the last phase – we can classify as follows:

  • LTTE in uniform killed by SL Army
  • LTTE in uniform killed by LTTE (ex: injured LTTE put in buses & exploded)
  • LTTE not in uniform killed by LTTE (ex: injured LTTE in bus may have been in civil)
  • LTTE in uniform killed by civilians (ex: some civilians attacked LTTE)
  • LTTE not in uniform (members of LTTE civilian armed force) killed by SL Army

What do you know about Tamil civilians

  • Did you know LTTE had a civilian armed unit
  • Do you know many of these trained civilian killers died during hostilities – they cannot be tagged as “civilians”
  • Do you know how many civilians were not engaged in any kind of hostilities & died? Did they die naturally, did they die from LTTE fire or did Sri Lanka Army kill them? Without knowing how they met their deaths, you cannot credit their deaths to the Sri Lanka Armed Forces
  • Do you know how many Tamil civilians (real) died during cross fire between LTTE & SL Army, how many were killed by SL Army intentionally & unintentionally?
  • Do you know how many died from injury (not necessarily killed)

PM Justin Trudeau are you bothered about Tamil civilians killed or LTTE Terrorists killed?

Do you have proof that the LTTE whom you claim surrendered & were killed, actually surrendered to be killed? Where is your proof?

Do you have proof that all of the killings were only by Sri Lanka Armed Forces?

Have you located a single skeleton to claim 40,000 or more were killed?

Have you asked former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon who arrived in Sri Lanka 3 days after the conflict ended & travelled by helicopter over the war zone, if he saw newly dug graves that could accommodate 40,000 or more people killed?

Have you not wondered if there could have been 40,000 killed when there are no skeletons or dead bodies, there are no names of 40,000 or more dead, there are no police complaints numbering 40,000 or more, there are no 40,000 or more names in the OISL report, there are no 40,000 or more names in the Presidential Commission appointed? Do you seriously want to make wild allegations without intelligently asking yourself these questions? If there are no skeletons or dead bodies, could the missing be overseas.

Why don’t you ask these questions

  • Who are the LTTE missing
  • How many LTTE are missing
  • Canadian census of Tamil population and the Tamil numbers being quoted differ substantially – could these “missing” be in Canada? Have they changed identity, have they applied as asylum seekers & refugees. By all means keep them there.
  • The Canadian police have compiled enough of reports on LTTE & LTTE fronts – why are these not given any consideration by your government?

PM Justin Trudeau

  • Anyone can be declared dead if they have not appeared for a specific number of years (its now 14 years) – however no one has any right to declare that person/persons as being killed or accuse anyone of killing them without facts & based on here say.
  • You have not even placed with facts the names of the people supposed to be missing but you claim that to be genocide. This is quite laughable coming from a prime minister & history will make a mockery of this with time.

Did you know

  • LTTE took civilians & refused to let them go & shot dead those who fled – how many do you think LTTE killed?

Did  you know

  • Returning fire in battle is a right of any military. Keeping civilians and firing from among civilians is where LTTE violated rule of war

Did you know

  • Sri Lanka Armed Forces sacrificed 6621 soldiers to save 294,000 civilians – does it make any sense why they should kill 40,000?

Did you know

  • ICRC confirmed that the army could have finished the conflict sooner if they did not compromise their own soldiers to save Tamil civilians forcibly kept by LTTE.

Casualties vs Guestimates


These figures are with data

7721 dead – UN Country Team in Sri Lanka

7400 dead – Survey by Tamils (included LTTE killed in combat)

7896 dead – Population survey by Tamil Teachers July 2011 (includes LTTE)

These figures are based on guesses by 3rd Party & 4th Party overseas sources

  • 10,000 civilian dead – Amnesty International (2011) – then figure became 40,000
  • 7000 became 40,000 – Gordon Weiss former UN official
  • 7398 dead – Tamilnet LTTE propaganda channel
  • 2972 dead – South Asia Terrorism Portal (civilian in Mullaitivu upto 5 April 2009)
  • 2800 dead – UNHRC head Navi Pillay by 13 Mar 2009
  • 40,000 dead – US former envoy Robert Black at US Congressional Hearing
  • 100,000 dead – Siobhain McDonagh (UK Labor MP) counting from UK
  • 3 graves – satellite report by American Association for Advancement of Science (one grave with 1346 bodies, another LTTE grave with 960 bodies)
  • 20,000 – Times of London, counting from UK
  • 40,000 – Guardian editorial (Jun 2011), counting from UK
  • 20,000 – Editorials by The Sunday Times (May 2009)
  • 40,000 – 147,000 – Alan Keenan, International Crisis Group
  • 20,000-40,000 – University Teachers for Human Rights-Jaffna (Jun2009)
  • 70000 – Charles Petrie (2012)
  • 147,000 – Bishop Rayappu Joseph

Did you know the Indian embedded journalist Murali Reddy reported that from 13 May 2009 there were no civilians in the strip LTTE was restricted to & by 15 May 2009, ICRC had also wound up their operations in the conflict zone.

So can you Justin Trudeau, explain how Sri Lanka Armed Forces killed 40,000 ghosts from 15 May to 19 May 2009?

Shenali D Waduge

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