Sri Lanka: RanilW hit by Ditta Dhamma Vediniya Karma (Nemesis)

Some people are destined to be leaders some are just destined to be unceremoniously ousted and repeatedly too. The fate of Ranil Wickremasinghe falls into this category. He lost his job while overseas in 2004 and then lost his job by letter while in Galle in 2018. Mahinda Rajapakse to the obvious shock of the very agents that helped oust him from office has not only made a surprise comeback but he is now the 22nd Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. But, the democratic coup is nothing that anyone can complain about and every incident now unfolding appears a nemesis or karmic reaction to how Ranil & the UNP treated the former President. They say there are no permanent friends simply permanent interest & President Sirisena has shown the former Prime Minister Wickremasinghe how he can also checkmate if that was what the UNP had planned to do. The 19amendment also drafted to enable Ranil to become a supreme leader had nothing to do with good governance or democracy & that too karma has sealed Ranil’s fate with the new PM likely to enjoy the powers Ranil thought only he was going to enjoy till the end.

We can all recall the January 2015 Presidential election was held & Maithripala Sirisena contesting as common candidate won with 62lakhs vote to become the Sri Lankan President. His candidacy kept secret as the plan was to field him as Ranil was not likely to be the voter’s choice. So a decoy was needed to win & thereafter get him to function as a puppet to do the necessary legislative changes to subtly pass power to the Prime Minister. That secrecy in 2015 has backfired in 2018 when the man who plotted to transfer power unto himself finds out that he has been removed and the person he ousted is now the new Prime Minister.

Immediately after taking oaths he appointed Ranil then Opposition Leader as the Prime Minister. The pundits supporting Yahapalana including the international community, media, over 50 civil society organizations saw no illegality in the appointment and argued that the President had the right to deem who had the confidence in Parliament whether he had the numbers or not to support that confidence.

Now the same pundits are questioning how the same President can appoint Mahinda Rajapakse as PM claiming Rajapakse does not have a majority. However, while Ranil had only 42 MPs in 2015, Rajapakse has 96 MPs in 2018. What the pundits also completely forget is that Ranil was appointed PM without removing the sitting PM, D M Jayaratne while Ranil was officially sent a letter terminating him as Prime Minister before Mahinda Rajapakse was sworn in as Prime Minister. It is nothing but a case of what goes round comes round & nemesis in action.

We seem to have all missed that Mahinda Rajapakse left Temple Trees before all the election results came in 2015. However, part of the false flag campaigns and smear tactics used was to present the notion that he was not leaving office & that the airports would need to be closed to prevent him running away. Ratana Thero even declared they would organize people to the streets to remove Mahinda Rajapakse if he did not leave office (though by that time he had already left after saying goodbyes to his crying staff). Needless to say fast forward to 2018 and who is not gracefully leaving office – Ranil Wickremasinghe, who even a day after the swearing in of Mahinda Rajapakse and the gazette notification to that effect remains issuing statements as I am still the Prime Minister” while also meeting foreign envoys. This is the bunch of people who were promising Sri Lankans good governance & righteous rule.

Did the EU issue a joint statement when Ranil was illegally made the PM in January 2015 without removing the sitting PM (D M Jayaratne)

Did the EU object to the manner CJ Mohan Pieris was also removed simply by not allowing him to come to his chambers and then claiming he doesn’t have to be removed because his appointment was illegal?

The same pundits would also like to recall how karma has been building up. Right or wrong, or however bad or good Chief Justice Mohan Peiris is, the manner that Yahapalana removed him was totally unbecoming of a democratic government claiming to usher good governance. CJ Pieris was not allowed into his chambers & CJ Shirani was appointed Chief Justice claiming there was no requirement to remove CJ Peiris before appointing CJ Shirani B, as the appointment of CJ Pieris was illegal. At least the Rajapakse’s followed due process in the removal of CJ Shirani but there was absolutely no process followed in the case of CJ Pieris. Not a single person in the international community, local media, human rights organizations or civil society cried foul & objected to the wrongful manner CJ Pieris was removed from office. The karma for this was also awaiting.

We next come to the manner that the yahapalana government set up all types of courts, placed controversial people into key roles & virtually gave a carte blanche to the West, India & UN to interfere & meddle into the affairs of Sri Lanka. Various task forces have been set up without any involvement of ministries who are making decisions that involve state land, state circulars & they are sealing deals without any approvals.

Only opposition MPs or anyone opposing the good governance government were asked to appear to give a statement & then immediately arrested, sent to prison, denied bail & kept in prison for months. If anyone has done wrong, arrest them after having the evidence then file charges & declare them guilty. How fair was it to simply dump them in prison? Military personnel, intelligence personnel & even Buddhist bhikkus were also subject to the same treatment. In the case of the military & intel personnel their salaries were halted leaving their families helpless to survive & dependent on well-wishers for support. How many wives & children would have slept without food or other requirements & their tears & sadness would have been seen by the divine powers. The karmic build-up of these injustices were also piling & awaiting justice.

Two Bond Scams, the manner that government MPs were virtually running amok selling anything & everything and making off with commissions is nothing we need to repeat. Complete disregard for the public or the welfare of the future. All of these occurred while the PM held the central bank directly under his charge having taken it immediately after becoming PM. He cannot shirk responsibility or accountability for the fall of the economy as he was instrumental in its collapse. He cannot be allowed to simply retire or continue as Opposition Leader without being held accountable for the disastrous & precarious situation the country is now in. UNP heralded him as Mr. Clean & Mr. Visionary – two placards UNP will now have to bury as even UNPers have come to terms that the UNP leader is neither clean nor a visionary. The rupee has collapsed, the cost of living is spiraling, foreigners are buying land freehold, shops are empty as people don’t have money to buy and now after laughing at Mrs. Bandaranaike even apples and orange imports are now curtailed. UNP is unlikely to ever come to power on its own merits unless it is from the shortcomings or lapses of the others in power. The international community went to the extent of propping up their puppets by even offering them international awards & issuing regular statements praising them. This whole farce has now blown in their face displaying their hypocrisy & totally negating their credibility.

Of all of Ranil’s treachery is presenting the bill to compensate LTTE as if the money is coming from his pockets. This comes second to the signing of a cease fire agreement in 2002 giving territory to terrorists & lets not forget how he never wanted LTTE defeated. It is no surprise that every appointee of his has some link to the LTTE & its diaspora.

Given that the international community, the media & civil society have been continuously demanding rule of law, justice & ending corruption, we see no wrong in Mahinda Rajapakse using the very systems the good governance government set up to bring to book every member of the Yahapalana government that have helped ruin Sri Lanka economically, politically, culturally, socially in particular there is an urgent need to release all military personnel held wrongfully including the Buddhist priests kept in prison for no valid reason & on unfair jail terms. It is also imperative that the Prime Minister take up every illegal trade pact signed without proper approvals/authority & compromising the nation’s security/territorial integrity & the welfare of the citizens. Every Minister & public official who have taken part in these illegalities should be brought to justice with evidence & legally.

This change came about not out of any paid campaign with foreign strategists putting the ideas & campaign slogans but simply as a result of the pulse of the people pressuring political action warranting the necessary changes to put Sri Lanka back on track. That makes this a real people’s revolution taking shape politically.

The international community and mainstream media up to mischief again are presenting a notion of turmoil in Sri Lanka – it is nothing but peace in Sri Lanka now & this video of how Jaffna reacted to the appointment of Mahinda Rajapakse as Prime Minister is evidence enough and should send shockwaves to the TNA & TPC as well as the foreign envoys now meeting Ranil Wickremasinghe instead of the new Prime Minister.

However, the new Prime Minister needs to again keep in mind that karma is not selective. No one is exempted. You do wrong – and the return is shocking. Rajapakse has many a lesson to remind himself of and many an action that should not get repeated.

While we empathize that he cannot clean the stables in the current format of composition in parliament until an election is held & people help him by voting good candidates after the parties filed good candidates, he has to make do with what he has and that is likely to mean he has to take in unsavoury characters also. However, the tide change will bring people who want to remain in power and the Prime Minister must clearly tell them that if they want to remain in power – his set of rules & guidelines must be followed and no one should fall out of line & those that do he must take stern action against.

He and his team has 1 year to prepare for the bigger election. The game is now wide open thanks to President Sirisena. Voters will be ruthless as they daily discover they are the bait & they are the sufferers in the bigger game of politics. Therefore, they are unlikely to be kind for any political party until and unless they get their act together and leave aside party and personal politics to build up the Nation and develop the country for the benefit of the future generations. Sri Lanka must come first. Sri Lankans must come first. Priority should be given to everything National. We must rebuild our agriculture, return to sustainable development. Capitalist neo-liberalism is a proved failure and even the West is discovering it so we do not need to copy things that are a failure. We need to create our own format just as our forefathers built up the nation without any degrees or doctorates. Recognition should go to people who love the country, people who pride in our own & who want to contribute to our own.

Together, we can rebuild the nation. how Jaffna has reacted to the appointment of Mahinda Rajapakse as Prime Minister with crackers!)

This is something the international community need to be shown immediately.

Shenali D Waduge

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