Sri Lanka’s Intel head says ITJP & Sooka a threat to life – caution to Foreign MPs linked to LTTE fronts


Sri Lanka’s top intelligence head has issued a letter of demand to Yasmin Sooka and her entity ITJP alleging violation of ICCPR ACT. He also alleges she & ITJP are accessory to LTTE front agenda with likelihood of posing a risk to his life & that of his family. Complaints regarding Sooka & ITJP have been issued through lawyers to UN & the EU missions in Colombo as well.  We await their acknowledgment & response. The events, also raises caution to all foreign governments in particular those in UK-US-EU-Canada-India which continue to ban LTTE while LTTE fronts are allowed to operate from their shores. Foreign Govts must look into & be alert to their MPs frequently visiting LTTE front events in view of LTTE international network continuing to thrive and remunerating foreign personalities to their fold through various political campaign funding etc. We believe materially supporting terrorist organizations is banned by these countries therefore no foreign MP is expected to accept terrorist funding in any format either.


An interesting development is taking place. We await the action Sooka’s EU employer will take while we also await what UN has to say about the complaint made against ITJP and Sooka who sits on many UN panels/tribunals.


Who really funds ITJP – from its lists of reports churned against the Sri Lankan Government & Military, it takes no idiot to realize that those she claims as civilians are really LTTE combatants. Who is funding ITJP to present LTTE terrorists as civilians and falsely claim Sri Lanka’s military killed civilians? Funding lies with intent to tarnish the image of the country & its armed forces is not done.

All this poses a national security threat.

No Government would allow its military to be smeared and put into danger in this manner. Sri Lanka has a history of such scenarios where confidential details of military has been compromised leading to LTTE assassinating many intel officers.


In 2015, the US state department declared “The LTTE’s international network and financial support are still intact despite its military defeat at the hands of Sri Lankan government troops in 2009”


The year earlier in 2014 LTTE fronts were lobbying British politicians


The same year LTTE fronts were reaching out to separatist movements in Scotland


That same year in April 2014 the GoSL proscribed 15 LTTE fronts operating overseas


However, in September 2015– 8 of these 15 LTTE fronts were de-listed for a flimsy reason



Germany – In February Yogendran G was convicted of raising 81,000 Euros for LTTE

Malaysia – In September Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to Malaysia was assaulted inside the Kuala Lumpur International Airport by protestors linked to LTTE

US – In December Tamils for Obama, urged out-going President Obama to delist LTTE from US Terrorist Organization List. It would be interesting to know how much they funded Obama campaign to make this request.



Australia has taken a tough stand on LTTE asylum seekers by deporting them.



LTTE has carried its violent streak overseas where factions are fighting even in the open. A Tamil slashed the arm of another Tamil in a café in southern Paris in September 2019. There are some 10 underworld gangs operating in France.

“Little Jaffnas” have been created in France, Canada, UK and virtually every foreign capital/major town LTTE diaspora are congregating.


It is to the advantage of all foreign governments that must look after its own citizens before looking into the welfare of people in other countries.

Foreign governments must first investigate the LTTE fronts operating in their countries. The original list of banned LTTE fronts declared by GoSL in April 2014 is a good foundation for foreign governments & their think tanks to work on.


Human smuggling and illegal immigrants is a topic that is a major issue for citizens in UK-EU-Canada, US and Australia. No British, European, American, Australia and Canadian likes to have their country flooded with illegal immigrants arriving as part of a global human smuggling cartel where much money is flowing from supposed victim to the carriers and into hands of border officials who should also be investigated for bringing illegals into the country for personal advantage.


There are law offices functioning in the UK charging some 60,000 sterling pounds for Tamils to get themselves burnt with cigarette butt ends, then be medically examined by a UK doctor and then be trained on how to cry and act in front of the immigration officials to claim asylum. This is a major business racket happening in the UK. Surely British intel can and should investigate.


Credit card scams by LTTE front supporters have fleeced a lot of people as have money-laundering and many other acts of crimes LTTE fronts are involved in manipulating tax holidays and tax exemptions by registering as charities.


Western governments in a covid-19 cash strapped economy are well advised to look into the funding to foreign MPs by LTTE fronts. The loopholes in foreign systems have been masterminded by these terrorist front members.


Why are UK MPs supporting LTTE?


Foreign hands behind the LTTE


Canada please tell Canadian Tamil MPs not to promote Eelam in Sri Lanka: Canadian politicians must serve Canadian interests



Australian Greens – Protect Australian citizens instead of LTTE terrorists


Western Governments must keep in mind that Janes Intelligence Unit claimed LTTE made an annual profit of $300m in 2004. This money was made not in Sri Lanka but overseas from the illegal and legal network of money-generating operations LTTE fronts were running while crying crocodile tears about discrimination in Sri Lanka.


Imagine how much savings LTTE fronts have made since 2009 when LTTE ground force was eliminated? Now the LTTE fronts do not have to spend on arms, ammunition, combatant welfare, feeding them, clothing them etc. How much savings are they making now since 2009? What are they doing with all this money? Where do they bank all their money? Who doesn’t want to know?


We don’t need to be repeating that terrorists are terrorists. They are united by the thirst to kill, to commit mayhem and to fleece people. LTTE has killed not only people in Sri Lanka. They have committed murder and mayhem overseas. They in fact assassinated the former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and many more even before and after killing Rajiv Gandhi. Many say this was on a contract. Plenty of LTTE snipers who ran away with the help of LTTE fronts are now living overseas. As they become richer and richer their sadism increases to return to commit heinous crimes – this time not in Sri Lanka but overseas.

The enemies can easily contract them and LTTE fronts can never be underestimated.


It is really the choice of foreign governments to allow LTTE fronts to fleece their citizens and even cause future harm. Follow the money trail. Follow their demands. Follow the foreigners supporting them & their bank accounts. This is no favor to Sri Lanka but a favor to foreign citizens whom foreign governments are bound to protect.


Western countries invited our enemy to their shores. Western countries should deal with them appropriately before they get out of hand.





Shenali D Waduge

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