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Towards end of 2019 the world was in for a surprise. It was a surprise to 99.9% of the world though a handful knew exactly what was to unfold. These are the people who were part of the Event 201 in October 2019 which predicted a virus outbreak in Wuhan, China and had even christened that pandemic covid19. Forgive us for questioning the coincidence! So while a group of people knew a pandemic was about to unfold and had christened it with a name, is it also a surprise that patents for vaccines were also completed. So we have a virus, we have a vaccine and we have 7billion or so likely customers. If they knew about the outbreak, they would have also known about the likely deaths and the ‘business’ of selling vaccines supposedly to ‘save lives’. Yet, what if the virus creators are the ones creating the vaccines – virtually making a killing out of culling. We continue to wonder if this is all part of the larger quest looming for decades to reduce world population. Again, these are the same people. It’s so easy to brush attempts to link the insidious & controversial plots as ‘conspiracy theories’. Let us ask ourselves some questions and find the answers.


In September 2019 a WHO Report predicts a global lethal respiratory pathogen

(3 months before outbreak in Wuhan, China)




  • The September 2019 WHO Global Preparedness Monitoring Board Report has this shocking inclusion – is the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen – COVID-19???

  • If the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board Report is a WHO report & given the details in it, why did its Director General make controversial statementsregarding use of masks and many other guidelines as well confusing the entire world initially and continuing to do so?


  • Guess who are on the WHO Members of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board


  • E. Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland – Co-Chair, GPMB; Former Prime Minister, Norway and Former Director- General, World Health Organization
  • Sir Jeremy Farrar – Director, Wellcome Trust, UK
  • Dr Chris Elias – President, Global Development Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA
  • Dr Anthony S. Fauci – Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, USA
  • Dr George F. Gao – Director-General, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, People’s Republic of China
  • Professor K. Vijay Raghavan – Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India


On 18 October 2019why did John Hopkins Centre for Health & Security / World Economic Forum & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hold an event in New York naming it Novel Coronovirus? (there was no virus outbreak in October 2019)


  • A statement was issued in October 2019 by the John Hopkins Centre for Health Security which organized the Event 201 along with World Economic Forum & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation titled “Statement about nCoV and our pandemic exercise’
  • The statement confirms that the outbreak ‘will kill 65 million people’. So far just over a million have died – this warrants doubts regarding the vaccines being injected & the outcome of taking so many vaccines & boosters!


  • Who other than the Gates Foundation. World Economic Forum Representatives were present at this New York event – which spoke about a ‘big’ outbreak “organizers invented a disease”
  • Business leaders, health care heads & governmental heads were all present listening to a simulated disease before its outbreak– where are they now? Can Ryan Morhard, Community Lead of the World Economic Forum care to explain post-Event 201


Event 201 (Oct2019) listen)

Listen to the conclusions being recommended in October 2019 for what no one outside of this circle knew anything about. Read between the lines and tap into the areas that are likely to be tapped – health systems without public trust / anti-vaccine movement / preparedness for civil unrest / readiness of military to handle unrest/


Why is traditional medicines being ignored?

Ancient civilizations had used their own plant-based healing and medicines. “Medicines’ always accompanied some form of ‘spiritual’ healing as well. These traditions and customs have continued through generations. It is fascinating to read about how ancients treated the sick. Ayurveda, hela wedakama are some of the dharmic healing methods used still and these all get connected to the balance/alignment of chakras, meditation, yoga and breathing techniques that even the western world is now embracing.


Traditional medicines and practices remain as valid as it did before western medicines came into existence. Tradition medicines have existed over 10,000 years while western medicines have a history of just over 2000 years. Western medicine dates back to Hippocrates in Greece. While this article is not a debate on traditional vs western medicines, what is being conveyed is that western ‘cures’ or western medicines in the face of covid cannot ignore or brush aside traditional medicine cures for covid or mitigation of it.


Unfortunately,governments are forced to place priority or give priority to ONLY western medicinal optionsagainst traditional cures for covid– this raises the question why? Is it the power of big pharma with their profit making greed that lobbies governments not to promote traditional cures for covid – not even to use Ayurveda hospitals and treatment if they assure a cure for covid? If everyone’s main goal is to cure covid or ensure recovery from covid sans fatalities – why is there an insistence on taking vaccines ONLY? Why not try out the Ayurveda/hela and other traditional medical cures as well? It is more than possible that a well-funded campaign in Sri Lanka made a laughing stock out of traditional medicine ‘paniya’ to create a psychological barrier to relying on traditional cure for covid.


Leaving aside the above highlighted controversies, let us get down to the issue at hand.

We have a global pandemic, as of 8thAugust – this is the situation globally


  • USA remains top of the table with 36,518,948cases / 632,987 deaths / 29,851,803 recovered.
  • USA has 16,333,519 infected persons – Of the 16m infected – 16,234,967 (99.4%) suffer Mild Conditions / 98,552 (0.6%) are Serious or Critical
  • Of the 186,654,798 closed cases – 182,355,033(98%) Recovered / Discharged but 4,299,765 (2%) died.
  • 166m Americans have been fully vaccinated (50.5%) of the US population have been vaccinated since vaccinations were given in December 2020 (in 7months half of US has been vaccinated)
  • Worldwide – 1.19billion have been fully vaccinated (4.4billion shots given worldwide) – only 15.3% of the world has been fully vaccinated
  • Bhutan has 2,544 cases and just 2 deaths
  • Sri Lanka has 326,043 cases and 5017 deaths (till October 2020 – Sri Lanka had just 13 deaths)


The virus outbreak towards the end of 2019 has developed into various variants and what is surprising is that the ‘experts’ are able to ‘predict’ a new variant before it even spreads and christen it with a name as well. All these are mindboggling especially when the new variant is predicted in countries where people are reluctant to get the jab and the newly recommended boosters.

  • Vaccines are not cures – this is because no one has been able to come up with a vaccine to cure covid


  • There are at least 6 companies releasing covid vaccines – most of them are linked either in the form of partnerships or via shareholding – none of these vaccines are one fit solution for the virus that is creating various variants with each day.


  • Are these variants being created by the covid infected or in some other form no one knows – plenty of people come with divergent theories. Those asking questions are told not to create ‘conspiracy theories’ & this slogan is like a cap to answering any valid question.


  • The medical world cannot conclude conclusively on covid – leaving the people to make their own conclusions. Therefore, no one can find fault with the People for making their own assumptions. There are western doctors who are in disagreement with injecting people with current vaccines claiming it is no cure while another sample of doctors insist on vaccines.


  • The Ayurveda doctors in Sri Lanka whom a large number of Sri Lankans of all communities have faith in claim that people seeking treatment from them have returned home cured and the most important part is that there have been no fatalities. This raises the question why the government has not tapped into the hela wedakama when the sole objective is to save the people and not the choice of what is supposed to save people. So the government should not be placing importance only on the distribution and jabbing of vaccines into people but looking for the best way to ensure people who contract covid recover and there are minimum covid fatalities.


  • The largely promoted & probably well-funded notion is that those who are jabbed are unlikely to die if they contract covid – or they contract a milder form of virus. Is this what the vaccine creators promote?


  • How many jabs to take? With numbers of variants emerging the immediate response is that more ‘boosters’ have to be taken – the next question is how many jabs and boosters will people be subject to & will they not physically be impacted by this?


  • What is also alarming is that the same groups of individuals & entities fund the research that produce ‘reports’ on diseases & their cures, they also fund the marketing teams to promote & advertise their ‘cures’, they also have ways to entice the medical experts to prescribe their ‘cures’ and they have no issues when whistleblowers take them to courts & they are fined for various malpractices! They make enough trillions from the world’s health industry!


  • There is another campaign to isolate those that opt to not take the vaccine & rely instead on herbal and ayurvedic medicines and safety precautions advised – these anti-vaccine populace are being subject to various threats in the form of being told that if they refuse to take the jabs they must face virtual ‘house-arrest’ – as they will be denied access to public places, public transport & work. This is a serious fundamental rights violation on these people primarily because – people’s bodies are their sovereign rightand no one can force anything into their system (even before an operation a consent form is signed by the hospital) moreover, nowhere does it say in any constitution or customary law that only western medicines can provide curesand the biggest argument is that even the vaccine creators themselves claim that the one’s who are vaccinated can still be carriers. If the vaccinated are carriers – why are non-vaccinated people denied public access & stigmatized via new digital ID cards now being floated? The 1918 “Spanish” flu (which did not originate in Spain) was spread mostly by vaccinated soldiers (45,000 US soldiers died from the flu)! are the human rights lawyers taking up these international violations on behalf of those who prefer to be non-vaccinated yet taking covid precautions?

What is also alarming and cannot be brushed as ‘conspiracy’ is the name associated with the 1918 Spanish flu as well as the present covid, having being alleged to have ‘created’ the virus in 1918 at Fort Riley, Kansas, the same family predicted the virus in a report in September 2019 and have created national plans which are presently being forced upon sovereign governments to enforce,


With covid creating major economic catastrophe’s for the Third World economies and impacting First World tax payers as well – overall innocent people have become victims of games that a handful of invisible people play using the power they yield over even governments & their operating systems. Sovereign state must realize that highlighting the weakness of national governments & attempting to unify everything digitally means the plan is to incrementally take governance away from nation states & the ‘public service’ to a centralized control and with people walking zombies and chipped to be manipulated we are likely to see a world of hybrid-electronically-controlled humans unless people of the world refuse to comply to these insidious plans & plots!




Shenali D Waduge








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