Understanding the Political Scenarios in Sri Lanka – identify Traitors & Treacheries first


It was no coincidence that colonial Britain wished to administer then Ceylon separate to India. It is no coincidence that colonial Britain kept Ceylon citizens as guinea pigs for modern divide & rule strategies. All that is now unfolding should be viewed as a catalyst of the outcome of colonial strategies adopted via conversions, English education, colonial friendly brown sahibs, denationalizing citizens via cultural/education, anti-Sinhala-Buddhist initiatives & to break the national resistance movement by projecting it as racist – fundamentalist & not secular/multicultural. In understanding this we should be able to move on to the players tasked to realize these objectives.


It is important that we come to terms with the reality that history has no records of Sinhalese in any animosity with Tamils or vice versa… so how come this new phenomenon of animosity is being flogged of late? This is where a knowledge of history is important because until & unless people understand the root causes of the problems that prevail & the entities responsible for planting the problems the recommended solutions will most likely fail because the solutions have no foundational basis. Themes like minority rights – hate – racism – discrimination – human rights are today’s political tools to interfere & bargain. These are backed by heavy lobby groups & well-funded to achieve various objectives.


All of the post-independent political parties were people educated in English, most converting to Christianity, being taught to think like the white man & to use nationalism only as a means of securing political mileage. In essence very rare was it that the post-independent politicians had the ‘bokken’ type of nationalism that would steer the masses to reverse the discriminations that prevailed for over 443 years of colonial rule & return to tapping the cultural & heritage systems that prevailed but to suit modern times – it is now proven that western neo-liberal capitalism is not only a failure it is failing the entire eco-system. We know that any nationalist that attempted to rule their nation with true nationalism were soon sent to the grave – examples of Patrice Lumumba of Congo & Aung San of Myanmar should come to mind. What post-independent decolonized nations were supposed to do was to pretend to be national but continue being slaves of western neocolonial rule/systems that had been designed via international standards/UN/trade laws/regulations etc. No non-western leader was supposed to function outside this non-declared but very clear framework.


The manner that West has been interfering in elections in Sri Lanka as per Prof. Levin goes back even to 1950s. This means that not only funding but local groups to steer propaganda have been set clandestinely and many of these are now veterans at indoctrinating masses and steering opinion ahead of elections – the fruits of their research, data gathering, funding & other initiatives laid out over decades came to surface in the manner they were able to democratically defeat a populist leader in January 2015 and prop up a virtual non-entity to the position of President. The advances in electronic communication systems have helped to a great extent in steering their propaganda. Elections are manipulated and computer systems are rigged to cheat. It is not just money, time-tested initiatives, brainwashed target groups and media/communication network but the manner that they were able to penetrate into the psyche of people and dig so deep that many are even today unable to balance reality & shake off that brainwashing is something that is both tragic & worrisome for the future of Sri Lanka irrespective of party politics.



Nationalism has been limited to election propaganda & political stages – the political will to ensure national policies that protect national resources/assets/safeguards the livelihoods of the citizens/addresses historical fears & grievances/protects both majority & minority & places clear demarcations on incursions & other rights where citizens clearly understand that their rights/demands cannot infringe on that of another’s rights/demands would if articulated clearly addressed a plethora of unwarranted incidents that have emerged. We cannot rule out that many of these issues are planted or manufactured ones taking groups from both sides & funding them to get up to mischief & thereby create the laws that curbs rights of people while peddling agendas for handouts.


The constitutional farce is such that the so-called experts are people with tainted histories / controversial past records / characters that are clueless about the wants or needs of 99% of the country’s populace and people who have no wish to cater to the needs of this 99% through their proposals. It is the key reason why all their proposals need to be rejected. In essence the first exercise should be is to list out what is wrong in the existing constitution & why & what are the proposals that could address them. Without that simply cutting & chopping & inserting clauses & creating a new constitution & deceptively passing that is not only immoral & unethical but it is likely to lead to bigger & more dangerous consequences later none of which those who created the problem will be able to solve, will want to solve or will even take accountability for errors.


Therefore, the country has more pressing problems to address – a new piece of paper promising a dream world without mechanisms to deal with everyday problems is simply useless. What kind of a constitution inserts clauses that deem accepting of gifts or funding to unions/organizations etc is acceptable when even companies are placing clauses against accepting of any type of gift construing that to be a type of bribe!


What is clear from all this is that money has become a major issue in the manner the integrity of Sri Lanka is being compromised. From the judiciary to the legislature the rumors of various compromising via transactions is something very dangerous and it is completely upsetting the sovereignty & territorial integrity of the nation – it is trickling to the public sector & private sector as well. Selling the country accepting some form of transaction is a treachery & this should be regarded as the highest form of treason.


When we know that there are external players upto mischief, various lucrative handouts being given to advance various agendas that conflict with & threaten Sri Lanka’s sovereignty & territorial integrity should we not first try to identify these traitors & treacheries …


Are we not walking into danger if traitors are drafting this new constitution and what they are drafting are treacherous to the future of Sri Lanka?


Should we not be identifying the traitors & treacheries first and dealing with them before we allow them to decide our fate and the fate of over 21million people.




Shenali D Waduge

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