Why don’t UN-West-UNHRC-TNA demand to commemorate Tamils killed by LTTE?

We are somewhat puzzled. Perhaps the Western diplomats – the UN & UNHRC may care to answer and put our doubts at rest. We are more than a little curious to know why the UN/UNHRC & Western diplomats attention is always directed in favor of LTTE – what about the Tamils killed by LTTE. Don’t their lives matter?


We notice the TNA, the Jaffna university academics & students, a number of Tamil organizations overseas annually hold commemorations. These commemorations we are told are for ‘civilians’ but there is something amiss. The commemorations are decorated only in LTTE colors (red & yellow), they have only LTTE flags, LTTE flower, LTTE emblems and symbols, and are held exactly on the same dates that LTTE annual events were held when Prabakaran was alive. This is an amazing coincidence.


Maaveerar Naal (Great Heroes Day) has been commemorated since 27 Nov 1989. If this is a civilian commemoration why is it fixed with a date aligned to LTTE Heroes Week which ends on Prabakaran’s birthday 26th Nov?

When western diplomats & UN are well aware of this – why do they insist the Govt allows the event? Why do Sri Lanka’s magistrates courts allow such knowing LTTE is banned still?


Have you ever heard a single diplomat or UNSG or UNHRC/OHCHR Head make reference to any Tamil killed by LTTE?


Why do they attend only LTTE events? Would they ever accept an invitation to attend a commemoration for K Sabaratnam– TELO leader or Pathmanabha– EPRLF leader or S Shanmuganathan Senior PLOTE member  or even Gopalswamy Mahendraraja (Mahaththaya) Deputy Leader of LTTE killed by Prabakaran for betraying him. He was killed alongside many of his loyalists.


UN-UNHR-OHCHR & Western diplomat are eternally making reference to Tamils but why don’t they make reference to

  • Alfred Duraiappah – the 1st Tamil LTTE killed in 1975?
  • Tamil policemen who were serving in the North
  • Tamil militant leaders slain by LTTE
  • Tamil militant combatants slain by LTTE
  • Lakshman Kadiragamar, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister assassinated by LTTE during a ceasefire
  • Sarojini Yogeswaran Jaffna Mayor


Can western diplomats/UN/UNSG/UNHRC answer why

  • LTTE forbids Tamils to commemorate Tamils killed by LTTE?
  • LTTE forbids families of other Tamil militant leaders & members to mourn publicly
  • LTTE forbids an annual commemoration for other militant groups


Can Western diplomats-UN-UNHRC deny that Maaveerar Naal is only to commemorate LTTE dead & not to commemorate Tamil civilians, Tamil non-LTTE politicians, Tamil non-LTTE academics, Tamil non-LTTE public servants, Tamil non-LTTE clergy?


No one killed by LTTE is being commemorated – WHY?


Why is there no commemoration for these Tamils? If the western diplomats-UN-UNHRC demand that Sri Lanka allow commemoration of LTTE dead – it is high time a similar event is organized annually to commemorate Tamils killed by LTTE.

Can someone come up with an appropriate name for this annual event, please!



These are just a handful of faces that have been eliminated by LTTE.

Don’t they have families too?

Can’t these families mourn their dead?

Arent these civilians?

Or as per Western diplomats-UN-UNHRC only LTTE are ‘civilians’?

Has the UN-UNHRC-Western diplomats raised the question as to why non-LTTE cannot mourn the dead?

Leaving aside the non-Tamils killed by LTTE, the West-UN-UNHRC should at least allow non-LTTE Tamils to mourn their dead! But it looks as if Western diplomats & UN only want LTTE dead & their families to be mourned and no one else – non-LTTE Tamils or non-Tamils!

This is a fine hell-of-a-do …. Can someone come up with an annual name to commemorate non-LTTE Tamils killed by LTTE. If LTTE is allowed to mourn their dead – so should non-LTTE Tamils killed by LTTE.

Have you noticed that TNA MPs are mum about commemorating non-LTTE Tamils.

Lets see how many TNA MPs will attend if Alfred Duraiappah’s family organize a commemoration for him, or K Sabaratnam’s family organize a commemoration for him, or Pathmanabha’s family organize a commemoration for him or even Mahaththaya’s family organizes a commemoration for him!


Can Sampanthan-Sumanthiran-Shanakiyan or Wigneswaran – answer



Shenali D Waduge





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