Will Moragoda deliver a ‘Sri Lanka First’?


With much thought and strategy Sri Lanka has appointed Moragoda as Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to Delhi iced with cabinet ranking, the first such fringe benefit afforded to a high commissioner. No doubt, Sri Lanka is thinking the Moragoda magic will provide much relief to Sri Lanka, given the appointment is being made against tremendous objections.


So what will Sri Lanka be expecting from Moragoda


  1. Will Moragoda be able to subdue America’s bullying of Sri Lanka in Geneva and shut the trap of the UNHRC Head who is following her predecessors issuing statements on Sri Lanka’s internal affairs – complete violation of UN Charter and her mandate.


  1. Will Moragoda be able to get America, his land of birth to withdraw UNHRC Resolutions and bring to nought all of the bogus allegations against Sri Lanka since 2012.


  1. Will Moragoda be able to tell America to keep its $480m ‘gift’ disbursed across 5 years as Sri Lanka’s housemaids remit more annually!


  1. Will Moragoda tell India to stay clear off Sri Lanka’s territorial waters and not damage the ocean bed and destroy marine life using internationally banned bottom trawlers?


  1. Will Moragoda politely tell Delhi to inform its Colombo mission to stop trying to rope in locals to be their eyes and ears and this same applies to the US mission in Colombo. Both nations are flouting diplomatic protocols with impunity.


  1. Will Moragoda get Delhi to link the Tamil Eelam quest to the Tamil Nadu self-determination quest


  1. Will Moragoda get Delhi to stop illegal immigration by Tamil Nadu?


  1. Will Moragoda get Delhi to stop Kerala ganja, illicit narcotics from being smuggled into Sri Lanka from North and Mannar coast?


  1. Will Moragoda get Delhi to agree to annul Indo-Lanka Accord of 1987, not protest or object to repeal 13a and the PC system?


10.Will Moragoda tell Delhi that Sri Lanka does not wish to sign ECTA or CEPA and all former trade agreements require to be re-negotiated given the imbalance in trade and one-sided benefits.


11.Will Moragoda also tell Delhi that it makes no sense for Sri Lanka to give ECT development to India when India is likely to shift 70% of India’s transshipment that Sri Lanka currently handles to India’s new port in Tamil Nadu.


12.Will Moragoda tell India & US that since both nations objected to China’s submarines entering Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka wishes they too follow same policy!



13.Will Moragoda tell Delhi that Sri Lanka will follow a National Policy of ‘Sri Lanka First’ and an international policy of ‘Friends with all & Enemy with none’.



14.Can Moragoda tell both US & India that Sri Lanka does not wish to be a punching bag or a playground for quad battles and any such should be taken elsewhere as Sri Lanka agrees with Non-Aligned Movement Charter and Indian Ocean Rim countries that Indian Ocean should be a ‘Zone of Peace” not a ‘Zone ending up in Pieces’.


15.Will Moragoda deliver the “Rajapakse Doctrine” that encompasses the expectations of the 69lakh voters that voted for the President in November 2019.


Let’s see what the Moragoda magic can achieve, given that the powers that be are 100% certain that he is Sri Lanka’s Man Friday to deliver Sri Lanka’s wish list and he would be functioning in Sri Lanka’s interest putting ‘Sri Lanka First’ above US or India.


The leadership has nominated him inspite of opposition in a strategic appointment claiming to be in Sri Lanka’s best interest.


Only time will tell. But, Moragoda has to deliver. Deliver to no one else, but to Sri Lanka’s advantage & favor.


Moragoda has to deliver to the expectations of those that selected & appointed him but indirectly not forsaking the 69lakhs that appointed the leader who has nominated him.

The people don’t want this Government or its President to fail and those that are now carrying his baton should not disappoint him or the Nation.




Shenali D Waduge


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