Your Majesty – Declare Eelam in UK


There are some ground realities all of us need to come to terms with. While in Sri Lanka, only the TNA chants ‘Eelam’ & Pro-LTTE slogans, that too closer to some election or event, to give themselves some cheap publicity, all of the demands for Eelam are coming from Tamils living on foreign shores. Not only are these Tamils holding foreign passports but are working overseas, educating their children overseas, have bought property overseas and are either foreign citizens or standing in line to becoming one. So why would they take such pains to declare Eelam in Sri Lanka, when it would be easier to declare it in UK? Numerically too, the calls for Eelam are coming from more Tamils living overseas than a handful of isolated chants from Sri Lanka. Moreover, while it looks an elusive dream to declare Eelam in Sri Lanka, with the patronage and support given by UK MPs towards the Eelam cause, Her Majesty must seriously consider declaring Eelam at least in Tooting or Harrow.


If anyone is in doubt as to where & by whom the most calls for Eelam come from, all they need to do is to look at the number of LTTE diaspora entities operating from UK, the number of initiatives they run on a daily basis, the events they hold daily, the fund raising they manage, the emails, social media platforms they operate, the documentaries, panel discussions and even talk shows they sponsor – as against the feeble voices of the TNA. Isn’t it hilarious to see Sivajilingam with less than 20 people commemorating Prabakaran & the ‘dead’ when the hyped up dead figure was 40,000 while others claimed 200,000 ‘dead’. Surely, they could have rounded up these families to shed a few tears (If they were actually ‘dead’). LTTE Diaspora even run offices that train people to claim asylum – this includes paying to be tortured (burnt with cigarette butt ends), trained to cry & how to act in front of the asylum officers. This training is said to cost some 5000 sterling pounds.


Look at the number of British MPs on board the Eelam cause. In all probability they would be the first to come forward to hoist the LTTE flag in Harrow or Tooting. They seem to attend more LTTE events than they do British functions. None of these British MPs are too bothered about the LTTE diaspora crimes that swindle money from Britishers credit card scams, welfare and charity cheating, money laundering and human smuggling. When the British Parliament is even permitted to be hired for LTTE diaspora events, the Queen would no doubt be only pleased to assist in helping declare Eelam. With Brexit, and Britain getting isolated, the British MPs must be thinking the booty of LTTE kitty may come in handy.


Britain may be out of the EU, but Britain is not alone, LTTE & Eelam can help generate the income that the Brexit has denied.


Thankfully, Sri Lanka has only to put up with the theatrics & melodrama acts of the TNA from season to season. Since the end of LTTE defeat in May 2009, Sri Lanka has not experienced a single act of terror by LTTE. However, this cannot be said of the countries that provide safe haven for LTTE remnants.

France has a ‘Little Jaffna’ in Paris itself. It is the epicenter of violence with at least 10 types of violent gangs operating with swords & knives. Many killings have also taken place. In 2016, the Tamil Coordinating Committee head was shot dead, the previous TCC head was also shot dead. In 2009, Paris police had to arrest some 200 Tamil protestors for their unruly behavior. There is no end to the raids by French police across Paris. Who would imagine a Tamil getting his hand chopped off outside a Ganesh Temple in Paris! While chopping hands off the LTTE Eelam gangs are also involved in racketeering, burglaries, violent assaults and drug trafficking.


Across the Channel, in July we heard of a gruesome murder of a 5 year old stabbed to death by her Tamil mother in Mitcham, two more kids were murdered in April the same year. In Tooting the Tooting boys killed another in 2015. A Tamil man was stabbed through the heart in 2011 at a child’s birthday party. The UK police recorded 4 deaths & 200 incidents between 2000 & 2002! Shocking statistics. In 2007, the UK police declared credit card frauds of Tamil gangs amounted to 70million sterling pounds!


To top it off the UK Court found the British Tamil Forum guilty of sexual abuse, discrimination & victimization demanding compensation be paid to the victim. Without paying 70,000 sterling pounds, the BTF blames the UK High Court, accuses the victim of ‘tarnishing’ BTF image and declares itself bankrupt & quickly opens BTF Forum UK Limited. This looks a repeat performance of how TRO transferred monies to White Pigeon before TRO was banned by UK. So, it looks as if the LTTE Diaspora are not only making a mockery of UK laws but manipulating UK MPs to their advantage.


It is therefore only a matter of time that Eelam will get declared in Tooting or Harrow. We can only wish the LTTE Diaspora, the best of luck to do so. Let us see which LTTE Diaspora group can beat each other to declare Eelam –


Eelam in Canada

Eelam in USA

Eelam in France

Eelam in Tamil Nadu

Eelam in UK


Which LTTE Diaspora will declare Eelam first? Let the competition begin – & end soon!



Shenali D Waduge

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