Attempt to roll out LGBTQIA agenda in Sri Lanka – Lessons from transgender swimmer Lia Thomas

Having claimed to be a woman, male Will Thomas became a transgender Lia Thomas and went on  to compete in the women’s swimming events & won the women’s NCAA college swimming title in 2022 and was eyeing competing in the Olympics too.  Thankfully the World Aquatics changed its rule to prevent anyone who had ‘any part of male puberty’ from competing in the female category. This is why it is important for any Bill being introduced on women’s rights in Sri Lanka to ensure it is the biological women that the Bills are trying to protect & not transgender men posing as women.

Lia Thomas (now claiming to be a woman) was originally born a male Will Thomas. He now says he “identifies himself as a woman”.

All sports events have been divided into women’s & men’s sports for a reason. Physically men & women cannot be compared or made equal or identical, whatever laws are passed to the contrary. Thus, when men compete in women’s sports, there is a noticeable disadvantage to the women who have been dedicating years towards training.

There have been instances of women getting injured on sports pitches by males identified as females.

What will be the situation if men claim to identify as “women” and demand to be in women’s prisons! There have been many instances of women getting raped by males in female-only prisons because the system has accommodated transgenders & their gender identity mumbo-jumbo.

We recently saw a transgender male become Ms Maryland which again is discriminating the biological women’s rights to compete in women’s beauty pageants.

We have also heard instances of female children getting molested inside women’s washrooms where transgenders have entered as “women”.

All of these instances reveal that simply because a male has his penis chopped, changes his name to a female & dresses up like a female, he remains inherently a male and has to continue taking medication to suppress the male hormones. The moment he doesn’t, his natural male traits will emerge.

Transgenders violate Biological Women’s Human Rights

It is a pity that “women activists” are also promoting transgenders & showcases them for not being real women’s activists. As they should be defending the biological woman not a man posing as a woman.

While there is well funded focus on transgender rights, why are women’s rights being ignored? The best example for this is the manner transgender Thomas’s former team-mate biological female Paula Scanlan is demanding an apology as she was forced to undress with him 18 times a week. This is what she tweeted “Is anyone going to apologize for forcing us to undress with him 18 times a week”.

In fact the entire US Women’s team declared they would all quit if the Olympic Committee allowed transgender Thomas to compete.

No doubt the LGBTQIA agenda campaigners will fund a global sympathy campaign in favor of transgender Thomas claiming the decision is wrong & will use all types of methods to force changes in the future,

There is a difference between biological sex & gender identity. This difference has to be accepted not intruded into.

Therefore, when men claim themselves women & take part in women’s sports & beauty pageants, the biological fairer sex has every right to oppose & object & no one has any right to take offence. Why don’t these transgender believers create their own sports & pageants instead of forcing themselves on to biologically classified groups!

Let’s imagine the situation in Sri Lanka – imagine males identifying themselves as women & demanding admission to girls schools? Imagine men identifying themselves as women & demanding to be with women police or women armed corps! Imagine men identifying as women and utilizing quotas given for women? Imagine men identifying as women & entering the women’s prisons? Imagine males demanding to be included to Girl Guides? These are all unnecessary troubles likely to create more troubles for Sri Lanka. Therefore, any women’s empowerment bill has to remove any mention of “gender” as clearly stated in the supreme court determination on gender equity and ensure that rights of women means rights of biological women only.

While homosexuals and lesbians have been in existence – how come we see a sudden surge in people identifying themselves as transgenders & all the other vocabulary after well-funded LGBTQIA movements are being sponsored across the world. Mind you it is strange that these campaigns and political arm-twisting by western diplomats to change legislation to accommodate LGBTQIA demands are not applicable to majority Muslim countries. Why are these 52 nations excluded from this global campaign? Why don’t we see those promoters of LGBTIQA demand the same rights they do in non-majority Muslim countries in the majority Muslim countries? Isn’t it strange that they do not?

Thus, no government should be encouraging people to get operated simply because it is part of a global well-funded campaign presenting it as a fashionable thing to do wherein half of the world are intentionally excluded from that campaign. This itself exposes its hypocrisy & should give you a clue to understand that this sudden transgender ideology backed with colorful slogans, posters, hired activists & NGOs, media campaigns etc are all part of a bigger plan. If an entity is promoting LGBTQIA – first thing you should do is find out who is sponsoring them. Any entity speaking on behalf of LGBTQIA – find out who is funding them. There lies your answer!

This June, many Americans came out to put the American national flag as their pride flag instead of the LGBTQIA flag that was being sponsored. It meant the Americans were saying they had had enough.

Unfortunately, many of the top medical associations, academia, media, human rights organizations etc are all funded by the billionaires that are funding & rolling out the LGBTQIA movement as part of their depopulation agenda, it’s another way of preventing biological marriage & encouraging same-sex marriage , breaking the family by taking away the children from parents disagreeing to sex-change of children, stopping pregnancies, inserting LGBTQIA agenda to school curriculum to brain wash kids into wanting to become transgender are the best way to control human beings after life-long medications will end up creating zombies out of those prescribed.

All this fanfare funded for LGBTQIA seems to intrude on the violations & discrimination & human rights that the biological male & female are being subject to. For hardly a noticeable %, propped only because of the heavy campaigning unfairly given to them, 99% of biological males & females are at a disadvantage. If LGBTQIA can complain about discriminations and violations, why shouldn’t the biological males & females?

Therefore, Sri Lanka’s women caucus should be mindful of presenting bills claiming to be for women but trying to sneak in the transgender agenda. The women MPs in Sri Lanka are doing a major discrimination to the biological female if they are fiddling with bills to disempower the biological female but falsely claiming to empower her.

The Lia Thomas saga has brought the subject out into the open for debate and Sri Lanka should also watch how the Americans themselves are coming out to claim “enough is enough”.

Shenali D Waduge


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