Attempts to denationalize Sri Lankan citizens


Running parallel to removing nationally controlled state-entities are well funded initiatives to create non-citizens out of citizens. The goal is to remove any passion within people to defend one’s nation. When a nation is devoid of national assets & citizens to defend it, it is open to anyone to take it over. It is like one’s home. If members of the family are made to hate one’s home, they are not bothered to defend or protect it. Unless we identify these efforts, every initiative being subtly rolled out attempts to make the nations doors vulnerable, the people too weak to defend & our nation lost forever.


  • Steering them away from respecting elders (parents & teachers) by creating new trends that it is not “fashionable” to worship elders, or get up from one’s seat, or even give one’s seat to an elder – even the custom of worshipping adults has been frowned upon. Warped version of “equality” is embedded into them to think the child is on par with the adult.
  • Putting into minds of present day children that it is also not fashionable to follow cultural rituals, customs, traditions & they should instead ridicule them as “old-fashioned” & not tuned with modern times.
  • Buddhist children who attend daham pasal or temples are also targeted by namecalling & presenting them as being “unfashionable”. Moreover a key feature nowadays is the manner that child & adult are steered to follow a new ritual form of Buddhism instead of comprehending the philosophy behind Buddhas’ teachings. This new method is subtly steering Buddhists away from Buddhism from within. Therefore the threats to Buddhism is both from within & externally as well.
  • Children being subtly taught by society to refuse to be disciplined – we saw the manner a father was beaten to death simply for advising some youth to ride bikes waring helmets. These youth it emerges were on drugs & thus the pent up anger coming out to the point of killing an innocent father.

These are all aimed at belittling traditional customs & rituals which make up the foundational defense mechanism of a nation. These ancient practices & customs build the character & values of a child which they carry forward into adulthood & it is these values & characteristics that raise them above others as their good manners, respect, loyalty, dedication, commitment all make wholesome individuals who are examples to society & to the nation & it is these who come forward to defend the nation. Isnt this why the majority of the armed forces come from rural Sri Lanka, where these customs & rituals are followed building character in the men who came forward to sacrifice their lives to defend the nation?

  • The child’s eastern or aesthetic culture is also being drawn away by the societal influences & infusions – drugs / pornography / luring them to become gays/lesbians / experimenting with sex & encouraging sexual liaisons / drinking & smoking etc Once this element of fear to do wrong & respect for elders is erased from the mind of the child, there are no obstacles. That child is a prey for all of the ills in society majority of which aim to create warped, psychologically traumatized, physically weak & vulnerable individuals who are gullible to commit suicide, become prostitutes or sex slaves, who can be brainwashed even to become suicide bombers. The life of that child is over or becomes a mental trauma for parents who have to spend on the child’s rehabilitation & medication which opens avenues for the livelihoods of others who are happy to have customers.

  • School education is also a key area where a child’s best years that should be influenced positively is getting negative influence. The character of teachers/principal & the school system has deteriorated. These “teachers” are no longer an example of respect primarily because teaching has become a job & not a joy. Lack of teacher training & the controversial textbooks & curriculums make teaching cumbersome for both teacher & child. We now see an increase in the interference of neo-liberal international bodies like UN/World Bank/IMF funding educational projects aimed at introducing bizarre curriculums – what psychological impact will arise out of teaching transgender to children as small as 5 years? Is it being done at such a small age because from 1-7 are the years that the child’s mind is like a sponge & these influences their subconscious mind which comes out of their behavior as adults? Is this the science that is being manipulated by international funds?

If our children are indisciplined, have no respect for adults or teachers, are not bothered about studies or developing their character but prefer to take drugs, smoke, indulge in sex take contraceptives & indulge in all sorts of illicit activities – what good are they as adults to themselves, to their parents, or even to the nation? Are these the youth, who are to take over the nation? Is it not time to understand that our children are being influenced to become weaklings so that when they become adults they do not have the will or the stamina to lead the nation?

Parents need to realize what is happening & come out & stand up for the traditional ideals & systems. We must nurture a generation that can lead not end up in mental or rehabilitation homes.

What about the adults? The adults are equally in disarray.

Visit schools & many wonder who is the child & who is the mother. Mothers are trying to dress like the daughter & the daughters are dressed like the mother. This too is a new trend as is the break-up of marriages – all with intent to break the home A nation of strong homes is a strong nation, so the objective is to break up the home & numerous modus operandi are afoot to do so targeting the mother, the father & the children. The cosmetic society that has been created give more emphasis to artificial happiness & this is how society has taken the family away from nature. Those that wish to remain close to nature are unable to do so due to economic constraints but those who can prefer to surround themselves with electronics.

Everyone is drawn to living in an artificial bubble. These artificial facets have monetary value for those rolling them out, but behind the scenes there are a bunch of people who quantify their usage as their overall plan is to ensure countries like Sri Lanka that have to remain destable are destable socially.

Look at how they are doing wonders influencing the students who enter universities. These students from low-income homes are turned into revenge-filled, hate-filled, jealous individuals by politicized unions functioning inside universities & the academics are little bothered to address this. Eventually those that pass out & enter society and supposed to be the “brains” & assets of the future are people who are full of revenge & hate for the system. The system has undoubtedly destroyed them. This has to be addressed & changed.

Similarly, the current political framework also contributes to denationalizing of citizens. Supporters look at everything with a coloured lens, not from what benefits the nation. Sri Lanka is not going anywhere unless citizens learn to view issues from a policy perspective.

The social media & communication channels are used extensively & creatively to laugh at & steer people away from following good – vegans are mocked at, well-behaved children are presented as old-fashioned, good-manners are looked down at, discipline is laughed at … either the good things are mocked or laughed at or the bad things are given holy status. The peer pressure on child & even adult, psychologically draws them to follow the path of ills. While there are enough & more of psychologically influencing programs on ills, confounding matters is when entities like the World Bank & UN are also promoting ills by using countries in debt & forcing them to launch denationalizing programs that accompany funds (new syllabus on teaching about gays/transgender soon to be launched in Sri Lanka) This is nothing but a means to influence the child to become a gay/transgender. Parents must object to such syllabus being introduced.

When billionaires who fund coloured revolutions & regime change are promoting LGBTQ movements across the world, there has to be a catch! Global media owned by them is used heavily to present a notion that the world is full of them & thus draw others to their fold. This is far more than individuals having personal rights but a global movement out to destroy humans & humanity.

What all of these programs aim to do is to create a bunch of hippies – youth who care about nothing, not even their parents leave alone their nation & a bunch of people just living for the hour & not bothered about the next hour even.

If our society is in disarray, it is not without a planning. What we are experiencing is well-thought out programs that have been launched to gulp up the weak & vulnerable. If you have not fallen prey, thank your ability to think straight & evaluate good from bad & refuse to be caught in this web of deceit.


Shenali D Waduge


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