India & Sri Lanka could not be happier if Canada allows Eelam in Canada

India will not allow a separate Tamil Eelam in India. Sri Lanka will also not allow a separate Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka. Yet from Justin Trudeau to provincial politicians in Canada, an overwhelming sympathy for Tamils can be seen. Given that the stalwarts propagating Eelam are mostly located in Canada & western hemisphere, it would be logistically beneficial to set up Eelam in Canada.

Canada is certainly big enough to accommodate Eelam

How big is Canada = 9,984,670 km2,

How big is India = 3.287 million km²

How big is Sri Lanka = 65,610 km²

Canada is not only big enough it has enough of land to accommodate Eelam

Population in Canada = 38.25 million (2021)

Population in India = 1.408 billion (2021)

Population in Sri Lanka = 22.16 million (2021)

Canada has enough of space to set up Eelam

Population density in Canada = 4 persons per Km2

Population density in India = 428.19 people per Km2

Population density in Sri Lanka = 341 persons per Km2

80% of Canada’s land is uninhabited.

As per PM Justin Trudeau’s plan – he aspires to bring 1.5million immigrants by 2025. Canada is currently taking 500,000 immigrants per year.

As per the 2021 Canadian census, Tamil Canadians number approximately 240,000 and account for roughly 0.7% of Canada’s population.

This is the official statistics, so obviously quite a number must be living illegally.

According to Taylor Francis there are 400,000 Tamils in Canada

numerous other statistics give varied figures of Tamil population. That is a matter for Canada to sort out.

Toronto is the Capital of the province of Ontario

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada and the largest urban and metro area,

Toronto is said to have 200,000 Tamils (from just 150 in 1983).

Total population in Toronto is 2.93million

Toronto District School Board in 2016 passed the Tamil Heritage Month.

The Provincial government of Ontario passed Bill 104 & introduced “Tamil Genocide Education Week” into the school system.

This 240,000 were even able to get the states to commemorate dead LTTE passing a bogus Genocide Bill. We will leave it to history to make a mockery out of this Bill.

There are however close to 153,000 Sinhalese living in Canada (2016 census) why are Canadian politicians not bothered about them?

There are 84million Tamils around the world.

  • India 76,800,000 (comprising 5.9% of India’s total population but comprising 99% of Tamil Nadu state population)
  • Sri Lanka 2,200,000
  • Malaysia 1,800,000
  • South Africa 600,000
  • France 302,000
  • USA 235,000
  • Canada 240,000
  • Singapore 199,000
  • Australia 100,000

It is only Tamils in Tamil Nadu & Sri Lanka seeking self-determination, while Tamils living in Canada, US, UK, France, Australia are campaigning to create a Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka though ideally it should be in Tamil Nadu where 76million out of the total 84million Tamils live & from where the original bid to separate, started. The separate homeland campaign was only palmed off to Sri Lanka for geopolitical reasons & advantage. It is kept alive for geopolitical purposes too. Had Sri Lanka not been in its present location, the West or UN would have been bothered about any Tamil. This reality is admitted by even Tamils now.

Moreover, it is not the Tamils living in Sri Lanka who want a separate homeland, but the Tamils living overseas. This is the irony of the quest and should make people wonder why people with foreign passports should spend so much of time, energy & money campaigning to create a separate homeland that they are not likely to come & live in. So what is the catch? Why are they 24×7 involved in trying to separate Sri Lanka?

Are they carrying out an objective of anyone else? If so, whose?

Are they cashing in on the propaganda? How much is this kitty?

The money they spend on global campaigning, hiring international law firms, paying retainer fees to international legal counsels, could well have fed all the Tamils living in poverty in Sri Lanka?

Let’s not forget, none of these entities sent a packet of rice or even a toffee to any of the 300,000 Tamils that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces saved. Instead they were lobbying every foreign politician to get them to stop the Sri Lanka Army attacking the LTTE. This does give some clues to where their loyalties lie.

While these tamashas for separate homelands continue annually, we can only strive to present the facts and refuse to bow down to lies, spread only because of the power of the money that accompanies the lies & promoted by a bunch of corrupt personalities.


Shenali D Waduge

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