Will France have to change French language to satisfy LGBTQ “gender” issue?


French is one of the world’s most musical languages besides its official status internationally.

The nouns are either male or female. The situation of male/female nouns may become an issue with the LGBTQ lobbies sooner than later. A new cult required the world to pledge allegiance to a new identity-obsessed set of demands promoted by a bunch of elite who are able to influence politicians & society at large.

This virus is fast spreading purely on the power of funding & has reached levels beyond the absurd.

Staff are now required to wear badges with he/him, she/her or they/them – what an affront to one’s intelligence.

Staff are asked to sign off emails with their preferred pronouns simply to please the LGBTQ community? How large is this or is made out to artificially be – one may wonder! All these bizarre behaviors are justified as being part of an ‘inclusive’ workplace. Imagine the mental trauma for a normal staff member who forgets to sign off as “it”?

The sanity of people is put into question. Where people identified as man or woman, we have not come to a new level where we are told that some do not want to be identified as a woman or man & we have to put our own sanity aside & go down to their level and identify them in the terms they have created & are dictating to the rest of the world to follow or face repercussions. Where is the democracy of the use of language & terms? Where is the democracy for sanity.

The entire language rules have been taken to the cleaners.

“They” and “them” are now singular pronouns on the bandwagon of inclusivity so much so that even dictionaries are making changes. No longer will we be taught traditional English.

Wait the situation goes far beyond he/him/his or she/her – look at the other irritants people may have to newly memorize xe/xem/wyr or ne/nym/nis or vc/ver/vis or fae/faer/faers or zie/zim/zir … are we really living on planet earth?

The normal & conventional humans across the world are being subdued with this new cult movement & it is really time they say ‘enough is enough’ of this absurdities that if not opposed would become mandated even by UN who gets on the bandwagon of anything that is sponsored. The movement are well planned for any objections & they have prepared another set of words to demean & corner the traditionalists & conservative people of the world by branding them transphobic, homophobic, transphobia – whatever else they can pull out.

The so-called LGBTQ community too do not wish things to go this far, many want to just go on with their lives – however little do they realize that they have sold their soul & body to a group of people who are using them as a “brand” to rule over the world via language, via new laws, via mandatory rules & regulations and more importantly using this “cause” as a means to break the traditional family & many other bonds associated with the family as well as anything natural & normal to make children, adolescents & adults undergo surgery & become hooked to medications for life – creating a world of beings who don’t know whether they are male or female, whose body is disenfranchised after surgery & medications & their mind incapable to handle the traumas that are taking place internally & externally as a result of being subject to the unnatural.

Leaving all this aside – with the mandatory changes happening in some workplaces – would that mean the French language itself will be subject to change to accommodate the whims & whining’s of the LGBTQ sponsors not necessarily the LGBTQ community.


Shenali D Waduge



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