Wijayakala’s LTTE Resurrection: Tamil Racism Self-Exploding

UNP MP Wijayakala Maheshwaran’s public speech revealing her desire to resurrect the LTTE needs to be looked at from a different angle. Certainly, her statement has violated the National Constitution, the oath taken by MPs & to publicly claim that a banned terrorist organization needs to be revived warrants not only disciplinary action but removal from ministerial portfolio. No MP can enjoy tax payers money & work towards resurrecting a banned terrorist movement. However, there is a far bigger issue that we need to now deal with & that is how do we handle the racist politicians now in power, for they are the biggest hurdle to peaceful coexistence & amity among the communities.

Wijayakala is a UNP MP, she is enjoying position of Minister as a result of the assassination of her husband by the very terrorist organization she wants to resurrect. Ironical but true & it is the same case with another widow leader who is also flirting with the tiger foreign lobby. Is it because they were never living in the tiger terrain that they presume life was great under LTTE rule? Is it because people are bigger racists that these politicians chant racist rhetoric thinking that they are articulating what the voters want? This is called playing to the gallery. This seems to be the case with many minority politicians & majority politicians who are wooing minority votes. However, this time round playing to the gallery & expecting accolades & bouquets did not transpire for Wijayakala. Timed close to an election, the effort to resurrect her own fast declining image among Tamils has backfired and there are plenty of reasons for this which Tamil leaders will now need to seriously address if they wish to be representatives of their own ethnic group. As far as the remaining LTTE are concerned not only Wijayakala but the entire TNA are no friends of the LTTE. The farewell to Col Ratnapriya Bandu in Vishwadu is a slap to all the pro-LTTE UNP MPs (Tamil & Sinhalese) as well as the Tamil racist politicians. The lies & falsehoods of these Tamil leaders are now thoroughly exposed. Have any LTTE village carried or cried for Wigneswaran, Sambanthan, Sivajilingam, all the pro-LTTE church priests, UNP pro-LTTE MPs or even the University of Jaffna academics– NO? Not even when they wanted to have LTTE memorials, LTTE statues etc.. the LTTE now realize that these Tamils are only trying to advance their own agendas using the LTTE… and the LTTE do not wish to be party of the show!

Wijayakala like all other Tamil MPs cannot hide themselves under the oft battered ‘Sinhala discrimination’ mantra they have been flogging all these years. Since 2012 the TNA have been put in the saddle of governance of the Northern Province but they have little to show as against the development the Sinhala” government rolled out from 2009 to 2012. The Tamils are no fools. With no LTTE, they want to have a better life economically & socially & the Tamil leaders do not want to offer them that. Instead they want to continue the ‘Sinhala discrimination’ chant but it is not working any longer. Only now Tamils are realizing that LTTE big shots were enjoying $300m annual profits while they were suffering in the jungles. When Wijayakala says life was better under LTTE – these people are now asking why not a dollar was spent throughout 30 years for them when LTTE ruled! The Tamils also know that the LTTE Diaspora are enjoying far more than $300m annual profits now since there is no expense incurred for LTTE cadre maintenance, arms or ammunition – so the annual profits must have now doubled. So who is enjoying this money? Not the LTTE cadres but the supposed to be white-collard LTTE diaspora leaders & their families are having a whale of a time flogging the Sinhala discrimination, demanding Tamil Eelam song & singing all the way to their bank accounts getting fatter by the day! Its time the LTTE families demanded chunks of this money which includes illegal & legal income from a global network of businesses. Wake up Tamils! Wake up Low Caste Tamils! 

The mistake Wijayakala & TNA leaders are making is continuing to make reference to LTTE – they have completely forgotten the LTTE cadres & their families who have been completely sidelined by their own Tamil society. This has brought to the surface another fact that had been hidden from the world by the Tamil leadership hierarchy. All of the lower tiers of the LTTE were low caste & poor Tamils. They are considered Dalits of Tamil society – good enough to only fight & die, good for Tamil rich & high caste to use them to advance their own socio-political-economic agendas. This fact that had been kept hidden has resurfaced following the defeat of the LTTE. The high caste/class Tamil society now blame these dalit Tamils for the LTTE defeat so not only are they caste-wise shunned they are now treated as losers by the Tamil society.

Now you can understand the overwhelming love & affection the LTTE villages afforded to Col. Ratnapriya Bandu. He showed these shunned LTTE families the compassion that Tamil politicians & Tamil society refused to provide. Today, ask any LTTE family & they would say the Sri Lankan Army are far better than the TNA politicians. This is a major blow to the Tamil leadership & while UNP & Wijayakala think they can continue to batter & verbally say LTTE can be resurrected it cannot be done using the same LTTE cadres. Now, they are not only 30 years older than they were, but their children too have seen their suffering & with new opportunities for them, none of them are likely to want to suffer in any jungle with AK47s knowing that their supposed leaders are enjoying while they are suffering inside the jungles.

As for UNP MP Wijayakala, she has only herself to blame. Her entire election campaign has been nothing but racist. This is how she campaigned in 2015




UNP didn’t take action against her when she promoted LTTE in 2015 too. In a tv interview she claimed people were safe during LTTE, girls could even go out at 12 midnight – then who kidnapped Tamil children & turned into child soldiers? The only females walking on the road at midnight would have been female LTTE cadres but how was she to know, Wijayakala never lived in the North, she was living in Colombo!

UNP Maheshwaran cannot shed crocodile tears about rape either. She is implicated in the rape & murder of Vidya having intervened to help the culprit escape & coming to the police to release the suspect. Her name is included into the report that has been submitted to the AG’s Department.



Another factor being hidden is the rise in rapes by Tamils – fathers, uncles, family members raping their own children & relations. Domestic violence has also increased in the Jaffna peninsula. These were highlighted by the Jaffna GA Imelda Sukumar herself.

The other issue plaguing Tamil society is the rise in drug & alcoholism for which both men, women & teens are now victims. The free flow of narcotics from kerala is one of the reasons why the hotel that the PM recently attended was pelted with stones because the people allege the hotel owners were linked to this smuggling.

A better understanding of the gravity of the situation socially can be deciphered in taking the police entries of rapes & other cases of domestic violence in the entire Jaffna peninsula.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqTjQpdfqXY Sri Lanka’s Parliament is a buzz following the speech by UNP MP Wijayakala.  For UNP it is a blow to their election campaigning and would want to take damage control measures. Why can’t PM take action against his own party MP without asking President to temporarily remove her until inquiry, we can recall how his former Finance Minister was relieved of his duties but ended up working from Temple Trees! All these are sham shows to fool the masses.

UNP cannot afford to have all its links to LTTE over the years brought back into the open. It is nothing UNP wishes to expose & something UNP voters themselves wish to keep hidden.

There is a constitution. There is the 6th amendment & there is article 157 which the government & Parliament are bound by.

Prohibition against violation of territorial integrity of Sri Lanka – https://www.lawnet.gov.lk/1947/12/31/sixth-amendment-to-the-constitution-2/

Even the punitive actions to be taken by the Supreme Court is clearly written. If 6th amendment is applied TNA will have to close shop! Legal action must be filed against Wijayakala & all others who have been violating the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka.

Imagine if as per demands of the EU, US, UK & UN the PTA had been removed & LTTE in another format is resurrected? What would be the scenario for the country having clipped the mechanism to take action against terrorists?

The question before all voters & citizens is why are politicians being vocally racist? Are they making these racist utterances because they think that is what the people want? If so, the ball is now in the court of the people to show otherwise. This is a golden opportunity for the people themselves to realize that in surrounding racist politicians (whether they are Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Islam, Catholic or Christian) the people are only encouraging racism to prevail in Sri Lanka.

For starters therefore, stop attending events of racist politicians. Stop promoting these politicians even via social media or other platforms, unite to denounce them & then when an election comes make sure they do not receive your vote. Is that so hard to do, if you are not a racist?

Shenali D Waduge

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