Denazify Radical Islamic Fundamentalism in Sri Lanka

When LTTE was militarily defeated in May 2009 the mistake the then government made inspite of requests to do so, was not to denazify the LTTE & everything to do with Eelam ideology. As a result, LTTE political agents are continuing politically what LTTE strove with gun and some Ministers have the audacity to demand the return of the LTTE publicly. The same scenario cannot be repeated with Islamic terrorism based on a radical Islam that even Muslims do not wish to adhere to. Banning the burka for security reasons only is not enough. National interests must come first. People of all communities have to live together. No person has the right to claim individual rights or grievance if it undermines or infringes on the rights of another. If anyone’s ideologies don’t harmonize with that of the majority, then they must go & live in countries where those ideologies are legal & accepted. No one can kill people simply because they do not conform to their ideology. This is the simple principle on which people must learn to live. We must now take action to ensure no more lives are lost because of radical ideologies.


What are the ‘Denazification Directives” & “Collective Guilt”?

The term was used by Pentagon in 1943 & applied following defeat of Hitler & the end of World War 2. The Western Allies comprising present day bullies as well as preachers of human rights, in 1945 declared not only Hitler & Nazi’s as guilty but denounced all Germans as guilty for both the war & Nazi atrocities.

A kangaroo court better known as the victor’s court or Nuremberg Military Tribunal was set up in November 1945.,9171,844961-1,00.html


The Denazification Process – “Collective Responsibility: Collective Guilt”

  • Nazi party abolished
  • “Collective Responsibility: Collective Guilt” meant posters put up across Germany “You are Guilty” – Germans were made to feel guilty.
  • Germans had to fill questionnaires categorizing themselves (HR people call this racial profiling today)
  • Anyone or any group associated with Nazi’s was declared guilty
  • All physical symbols associated with Nazis removed including Swastika
  • Nazi links to cultural, social, intellectual, economic & even politics were banned.
  • Anyone who supported Hitler or Nazis were held accountable & charged with war crimes
  • German media, newspapers, radio stations, theatres, magazines, book publishers, book dealers & printers were all taken over by US
  • Over 30,000 books including textbooks related in any way to Nazism was banned.
  • Germans were not allowed to deny holocaust which EU criminalized in 2001 (if applied to SL – Tamils would be held responsible for all of LTTE crimes, Muslims would be held responsible for all Islamic terror crimes)
  • Eventually denazification process created Germany’s constitution on 8 May 1949 and ratified on 23 May 1949.


Germany is today a powerful nation because the ideology of Hitler & Nazism was annihilated.

Japan is where it is today because of the same.

Sri Lanka is where it is today because Sri Lanka failed to annihilate the Eelam ideology and now we are facing another ideology – radical Islam both of which has to now be eliminated!


What the US, UK & Allies did through denazification was to remove the ideology that inspired the terror. This was the reason to request Sri Lanka’s Government to remove every symbol and slogan associated with LTTE’s quest for Eelam. The separatist mentality needed to be legislatively & legally banned as a pre-requisite to reconciliation. The ideology of Eelam was the obstacle that needed to be removed.


Sri Lanka’s constitution is clear about anyone advocating separatism. Why have political parties not used the 6th amendment against individuals/political parties pushing for this quest by different names? This is the role of a government & its Attorney General.


Denazification of LTTE/Eelam should be to ban separatist roots – nullify the Vaddukoddai Resolution of 1972, any names with ‘Eelam’, Eelam emblems, slogans, monuments, flags and taking legal action against those that flout the rules.


On 21st April 2019, 9 suicide bombers were radicalized into killing non-Muslims. They attacked 3 churches, 3 hotels and 2 other sites killing over 250 innocent people. What was shocking was that 2 brothers, husband & wife were also suicide bombers.


Radicalism amongst Muslims was seen rising undetected initially as the focus was on LTTE terror.


The clues were however obvious. Muslims began to change the lifestyle they were leading previously harmonizing with the Sinhala majority culture. The demand for azan via loudspeakers even resulted in a court case between two Muslim mosques. Proliferation of mosques where in some towns every 3 persons are having a mosque. A new type of dress in the form of burka began to be forced on women with Saudi influence. Even men started dressing differently. Then there was the demand for halal food labelling and insisting that a separate certificate of halal compliance is issued for a fee which was nothing but a business venture collecting money from non-Muslim businesses. Then came calls for Shariah laws and demand for Muslim laws over and above that of the country law.


Not only non-Muslims noticed these changes, even Muslims noticed and some were brave enough to alarm the authorities but vote bank politics and the concept false drilled into the minds of politicians that they needed minorities to win elections made the politicians favor the radicals against the moderates. Of course the politicians were swayed by money & other inducements which was play a major role in radical promotion & propagation. The amounts of money with people following search operations of late reveals the extent to which money plays a role in fostering radicalism.


What was visible was that a group of Muslims were getting heavily influenced by external forces promoting their version of Islam no different to the rising Christian cults using the power of money and manipulating Islam into a radical ideology.


What these groups are doing is indoctrinating youth and the gullible and misleading them. All of the suicide bombers were rich & educated people. Its baffling why they would take their lives and cut short the lives of others especially small children. Some of the bombers had children.


Muslims were indoctrinated to hate non-Muslims and that hate transcended to death on 21 April 2019 and is likely to lead to more deaths if left ignored.

Therein the collective guilt & responsibility is in Parliament for not taking action.


During LTTE terror a Peace Secretariat was set up manned by an excellent team that countered false media allegations with facts & figures. A similar state entity must be set up to counter falsehoods not only by the Eelam lobbyists but against the Radical Islam lobby as well.


Sri Lanka should take a more pragmatic approach & a higher moral ground by desisting from adopting the Collective Responsibility-Collective Guilt applied by US, UK & Allies against Tamils or Muslims but ensure that the ideology that continues Eelam quest is removed & the ideology that inspires Islamic radicalism is also removed.


In terms of collective guilt: collective responsibility media (vastly controlled by the Western Christian), UN/HR and other organizations also heavily influenced by Christian West, politicians, think tanks that propose divisive and dangerous proposals to governments, foreign intel that seek to undermine national security of other countries to benefit theirs and the many other invisible players are the guilty lot.


As for Sri Lanka denazification of both Eelam ideology & Radical Islam is necessary if Sri Lanka wishes to progress. Majority of people want to live in peace. No one should be indoctrinated by a religion or ideology to kill others. If their ideology does not harmonize with the life Sri Lankans lead they can take themselves & their ideology to countries where that ideology is accepted & live there amongst those followers.


Eelam Separatists & Islamic radicals are not welcome in Sri Lanka.


Political parties should not give nominations or accept them through national list.


Voters of any political party should not vote for any political party giving extremist & Islamic terrorist-linked politicians nominations in future. If voters are firm on this pledge political parties will think twice. Voters must now make their demands clear. We have had enough bloodshed – we do not want any more innocent people being killed.  


Sri Lanka & Sri Lankans must have only ONE FLAG, ONE National Anthem in ONE LANGUAGE, ONE LAW Equal to ALL. No one’s rights are above that of the other. No one can demand any right if it infringes or denies the right of another.


If we can follow these basic and simple principles – Sri Lanka can prosper.



Shenali D Waduge


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