Monthly Archive: June 2022


Why did Sabry-Nandalal & Sri Lanka’s top economists & business leaders recommend to stop debt repayment & float the rupee?

  Sri Lanka was always sitting on a time bomb. Our expenses were higher than our income/revenues, our imports were higher than our exports, we were living a superficial life on loans, taking more...


GoSL cannot give title ownership of State land only to farmers – all citizens have to be given state land ownership

  The current government is only a caretaker government with a cocktail cabinet. Its mandate was to only deal with the financial crisis. The prime minister has no mandate to give state land to...


IMF & ARGENTINA – Lessons for Sri Lanka

  Argentina gained independence from Spain in 1810. Like Sri Lanka, Argentina is rich in agriculture with vast fertile land. Unlike Sri Lanka, by 1913 Argentina became one of the world’s 10th wealthiest states....