The West falling for LTTE Goebbels Machine

The LTTE functioned in 2 ways – its ground force inflicting terror across Sri Lanka & its diaspora churning lies from their homes in the West. The ground force was eliminated in May 2009 which leaves only the LTTE Goebbels Machine happily living in US-Canada-UK & EU but wanting Tamils to return to the jungles in Sri Lanka. Whether the West likes to admit it or not the modus operandi behind protests is only to keep alive the goal to gain asylum and refugee status. We really have no issue in these miscreants living in the West and causing a public nuisance, we’d much rather they remain in foreign climes than return to Sri Lanka, therefore from the declining numbers of protestors it is clear that only a handful are awaiting asylum – please give them that satisfaction & allow us in Sri Lanka to live in peace.


LTTE Goebbels Machine

We must give credit where credit is due – there are no better lies and no better liars than the LTTE Diaspora. Perhaps the ISIS lobby may take tuition from them if not already. The recent meetings and trips by LTTE Diaspora heads may be to provide some consultations on how LTTE ran its Goebbels machine from overseas.


‘Genocide’ is the biggest show nowadays but no one can explain how population increase and genocide can take place at the same time! Baffling how LTTE diaspora have re-defined the term genocide and even more baffling that there are some special stupid’s that fall for these lies without looking at the statistics!


“missing’ ‘disappeared’ – perhaps the Sri Lanka authorities and Western Police may like to take an inventory of the asylum seekers and see if some of the ‘missing’ are amongst them. If so, please keep them in foreign climes – we do not want them returned to Sri Lanka to cause more mayhem.


“commemorations” – by all mean commemorate the LTTE dead but why not commemorate the thousands that LTTE killed too. Does LTTE Diaspora commemorate the slain leaders of other Tamil militant groups, does LTTE Diaspora allow families of Mahaththaya, Yogeshwaranm Uma Maheshwaran & many other Tamils gunned down by LTTE to commemorate their dead? Why is it that only LTTE dead are being commemorated – why not the people killed by LTTE especially Tamils?


The LTTE Goebbels machine are proud to flaunt red-t-shirts with Eelam flag – just as well, their bloodied hands can never forget the innocent Tamil Children they turned into child soldiers many who were even shot dead by LTTE trying to run away from LTTE-run orphanages to their parents. Many more of these children who underwent harrowing training died from exhaustion and lack of proper nutrition and mental unhappiness living away from home holding a gun and being ordered to kill.


LTTE child soldiers were trained by an Australian nurse – Aunty Adele lives happily in the UK without any remorse for training children to kill as well as commit suicide. Where are all the human rights angels crying crocodile tears over children – why have none of them filed a complaint against Adele B to the UK police to take action? Why haven’t the UN special rapporteurs on children done the same? What is the justice they preach – is justice confined only to eloquent speeches and award winning presentations?

Today, unashamedly LTTE diaspora brats with heavy foreign accents are continuing the LTTE Goebbels machine of lies without any apology or remorse for the low caste & poor Tamil children their parents turned into child soldiers – these kids are today either dead or struggling to survive as they have had no education, they have had no opportunity to learn any skills other than handling a gun and on top of all that they have gone through, they are looked down as failures by some in their own Tamil community for having lost the war in May 2009.


The LTTE Goebbels machine can light UK Parliament and buildings in Scotland but have they sent a single pound to these LTTE former combatants & their families most of whom are from impoverished homes and low caste families and too scared to tell the truth to the world while the world is bothered to only listen to lies because lies prop up their ability to politically pressurize governments to advance their agendas.


We have no problem with foreign countries giving asylum or refugee status to these demonstrators but that is only one aspect, the secondary aspect is that the LTTE Goebbels needs lies to keep their illegal-legal money channels to function and the only means for them to do so is to have a made-up problem choreographed and promoted that will not divert attention to their money trail that includes money-laundering, hawala system, credit card scams, human smuggling, prostitution, arms smuggling, drug smuggling and abusing west’s welfare systems. The UK & EU police have enough of dossiers of crimes committed by LTTE elements on their soil.


What the West also needs to take stock of is the mentality of violence and mayhem instilled in the minds of these LTTE Diaspora and the alarming number of children getting killed by their parents in the UK and Europe and the gang violence should not be ignored or taken lightly. LTTE did not even spare dogs or goats –


Never forget LTTE killed an Indian Prime Minister on Indian soil in 1991 and a very large team of people who were non-LTTE were also included and inducted for this task.


The ground force of LTTE only carried out orders – these orders came from overseas & these are the very elements holding placards & red t-shirts capable of doing anything at any time. While we can only warn foreign governments, it is their wish to embrace these tigers but the onus is on the GoSL to protect Sri Lanka & Sri Lankans from any form of terrorism or terrorist acts in the future.




Shenali D Waduge




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